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Mudds Good Eatin 01

Mudd’s Good Eatin’

Chad Mudd came back to Krum to open a family-style home cooking restaurant. Then, a barbecue joint happened. It started this January when he reopened in the same space his previous restaurant occupied in the downtown strip of Krum some fifteen years ago. It started off as all chicken fried steak, chops, and fried chicken, but he wanted to play with his smoker on Mondays. Now, if Mudd’s is open, they’ve got barbecue, and it’s…

BBQ News: 07/17 – 07/23

– The Austin Health & Human Services Committee will meet again on 08/03, and item #5 on their agenda is “Discussion and possible action on the initiation of a code amendment to mitigate the effects of smoke emissions from restaurants and mobile food vendors near residentially zoned areas.” – A serious look at BBQ rubs: Give your meat the rub of its life — Serious Eats (@seriouseats) July 21, 2015   – Barbecue…

Interview: Evan LeRoy of Freedmen’s Bar

Pitmaster: Freedmen’s Bar; Opened 2012 Age: 29 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Post Oak Even at his young age, Evan LeRoy doesn’t want for confidence. He once told viewers of American Grilled, a cooking show he was competing on, that “I can cook anything to perfection on any grill.” It was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but he’s certainly good with a smoker. As a formally trained chef, there’s also plenty more he can join a kitchen that just barbecue. LeRoy…

Beef brisket (top) and pig brisket (bottom)

Pork Brisket

Meat suppliers are always looking for ways to fetch a premium for their cuts of meat. Maybe they just get lucky with something like beef brisket that just gets more popular, but more often they accomplish this by finding different ways to market the cuts they already have or alter the way they break down the animal. Cuts like the hanger and Denver steaks have only been found on restaurant menus for a decade, and the Las Vegas…

Smokey Denmark 01

Smokey Denmark’s Smoked Meat

Smokey Denmark’s has been known for making sausage in Austin for decades. Even up in North Texas, if you ask a barbecue joint where their hot links are from you’ll likely hear “Smokey Denmark.” While they have a storefront at their facility on East 5th Street, links from Smokey Denmark were usually something that came to you on a delivery truck. The they opened a barbecue food truck last year serving a full line of…

BBQ News: 07/10 – 07/16

– Good news! The price of beef plate short ribs is now at a three-year low. Those monster beef ribs are going to get cheaper. – Party like a pitmaster: – Two industry experts debate the effect that beef feedlots have on the environment. – What it Takes to Make a Decent Living Raising Ethical Meat – A man is struck by lightning, survives, and becomes obsessed with barbecue. That’s the story in the novel…

Starbucks Brisket 01

Starbucks Does Brisket

Here I sit, a contradiction personified. I’m typing in a Starbucks in Dallas wearing a t-shirt that reads “LOCAL” and drinking hot coffee on our first true 100 degree day of the year. I just finished the last bite of a sandwich I abhorred before I ever bought it, one that I swore to myself I wouldn’t bother “reviewing.” I use the quotation marks because who really needs me, or anyone, to tell them that…

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