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Swinging Door 01

Swinging Door

Big cities in Texas all seem to have a beloved barbecue retreat outside of town. It’s a joint far enough away that you really need to leave the city to get there. For Dallas it is Clark’s Outpost in Tioga, San Antonio has the original Rudy’s BBQ in Leon Springs, Austin has the Salt Lick, and for Houston it’s the Swinging Door. The thirty mile drive to Richmond from downtown Houston was once a jaunt largely…

BBQ News: 08/21 – 08/27

– A new film is coming out about barbecue in East Austin: Slow Burn Trailer from Jeff Mertz on Vimeo. – You can attend the Kickstarter Launch Party for the Slow Burn film in Austin on 09/05. – The BBC reported American barbecue and a disparity in coverage between white-owned and minority-owned barbecue joints. – The Daily South looks at some of the most influential people in the history of barbecue. – La Barbecue is…

Southern Q BBQ 06

Southern Q BBQ

There’s a little red building with yellow trim along Kuykendahl Road on the north side of Houston. The fresh coat of paint is hard not to notice even while speeding along, and inside is some of the city’s best and most thoughtful barbecue. For Steve and Sherice Garner, this building has been a long time coming. The business started small several years ago when they were cooking just for their church. They then purchased a barbecue trailer that…

BBQ News: 08/14 – 08/20

– That’s actually the longest grilling marathon there, #hotdog: Watch Tyler Florence break the world record for the longest barbecue marathon. — Food Republic (@foodrepublic) August 19, 2015   – The Austinot shares some advice on getting good barbecue in Austin without the huge lines.  – There’s a Franklin Barbecue bingo game.  – A guide to injecting meat before it hits the grill or the smoker, from Meathead at Amazingribs.  – Follow along…

Interview: Lolis Elie

Author: Smokestack Lightning: Adventures in the Heart of Barbecue Country Age: 52 In the mid-nineties, Lolis Elie and photographer Frank Stewart travelled around the country eating barbecue for the book Smokestack Lightning. There aren’t many books as influential to my writing about barbecue than Smokestack. Sharing barbecue with Frank Stewart in Lockhart was a treat a couple years back, and last month I had the opportunity to do the same with Lolis Elie when I was…

Kreuz Bryan 09

Kreuz Market (Bryan)

It’s hard to replicate a legend, but that’s what Keith Schmidt is tasked with at the new Kreuz Market in Bryan. Keith bought the business from his father Rick in 2011, and he’s shepherding it through their first true expansion since the business first opened in 1900. The Schmidt family has been instrumental in other versions of their business like Hill Country Barbecue Market in New York and Washington, Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas, and more recently…

BBQ News: 08/07 – 08/13

– After a steady fall, the Texas cattle inventory is on its way back up. It’s already ticked up 6% compared to last year’s numbers, which represents the first increase since 2005. – A man in Waco tried to steal some brisket from a local grocery store. The police intervened, and he pulled a knife. They shot the man who passed away in the hospital. – Here’s a closer look into the troubled life of…

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