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John Raven, PhB (1938 – 2015)

John Raven of Johnson City, Texas was a writer, a pioneer in the barbecue and chili competition circuit, and a part-time daredevil. He passed away January 15th at the age of seventy-six. Raven was outspoken about his contributions to barbecue, and valued flair over humility whenever possible. “I know more about barbecue than anyone,” is what he wrote in the first letter to the editor I received at Texas Monthly. He was asking to be…

Riverport For Sale

Joseph’s Riverport Barbecue For Sale

Stephen Joseph aims to sell out of his barbecue every day, but earlier this week he announced that he’s looking to sell more than brisket. Joseph’s Riverport Barbecue in Jefferson, Texas is officially for sale. Joseph has weathered a devastating fire and an economic downturn to keep the doors open for over twenty years. In 2013 it was named one of Texas Monthly’s fifty best barbecue joints in the state, but the challenges continue to mount…

Chucks BBQ 03

Chuck’s Country Smoke House

If it weren’t for the big, red sign that reads “BBQ” out along FM 1970, I’d probably have passed Chuck’s Smoke House. It’s a few miles southwest of Carthage in East Texas, near the shores of Lake Murvaul. A metal bull mounted to the roof and hand painted lettering on the sign makes this look like a classic, rural Texas barbecue joint, but it’s only been around for six months. That’s when owner Chuck Terrell…

BBQ News: 01/16 – 01/22

- They served barbecue in Austin at Governor Gregg Abbott’s inauguration on Tuesday. KVUE in Austin provides this report. – About a mile of Kiolbassa Sausage, made in San Antonio, was served to the hungry crowd at the inauguration celebration. – Here’s a combo plate from the Capitol grounds: 2015 inaugural barbecue — Anna M. Tinsley (@annatinsley) January 20, 2015   – Bill Addison compiled his list of the 38 best restaurants in the…

Interview: Eddie Deen of Eddie Deen and Co.

Owner/Pitmaster: Eddie Deen and Co.; Opened 1994 Age: 58 Smoker: Wood Fired Rotisserie Smoker Wood: Hickory In the last twenty years, Eddie Deen has quietly built a barbecue empire. His restaurants include Crossroads BBQ in Arlington, Hickory Roots BBQ in Terrell, and Eddie Deen’s BBQ in Rockwall. There’s also a giant event space south of downtown Dallas called the Eddie Deen Ranch, but the lifeblood of the whole operation doesn’t have a sign on it. An enormous commissary kitchen…

Frans BBQ Pizza 01

Fran’s Brown Pig Pizza

Barbecue and pizza are two items that usually don’t join forces on a restaurant menu, but in the East Texas town of Daingerfield they’ve come together at Fran’s Barbeque and Pizza since 1971. Fran’s is named for Frances Neely. She was married to Dick Neely, and worked at the storied Neely’s in Marshall serving Brown Pig sandwiches. She took the recipe for the famous sandwiches to Daingerfield, and then she added a pizza oven. There’s a…

Terry Blacks BBQ 05

Terry Black’s Barbecue

It was big news when the Austin American Statesman announced fourteen months ago that Black’s Barbecue was opening an Austin branch. It looked like the Black barbecue family from Lockhart was expanding. Running the place would be twins Michael and Mark Black, nephews of Kent Black who manages the legendary Lockhart location. Everyone seemed excited about this new branch in the barbecue family tree, then things got ugly. A few weeks after the big announcement, Kent…

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