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Hard 8 BBQ Stephenville 16

Hard Eight BBQ

Dining at Hard Eight BBQ is as much about experience as it is about the meal. During a recent visit to the original Stephenville location, I lined up with thirty other people, an impressive crowd for 1:00 p.m. on a Friday. Together we stood together facing cord upon cord of neatly piled mesquite and two giant burn barrels raging so hot that the perimeter is ringed by warning signs. Smoke poured from a half dozen stone-clad steel pits; the last…

BBQ News: 10/02 – 10/08

– No more freelance line-standers at Franklin Barbecue: You’ll have to wait in line for your own brisket now w/ Franklin Barbecue’s line holder ban — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) October 4, 2015 – On the same day, the Supreme Court also enforced a rule against paid line-standers.  – A man in Longview, Texas was sent to a hospital after being struck by a barbecue pit, then HE was sent to jail.  – Californians…

The Simpsons BBQ 02

The Simpsons Do a BBQ Episode

With so much barbecue fluff on television these days, it was nice to see a serious discussion of smoked meat on . . . The Simpsons? The writers obviously did their homework for last night’s episode. Homer bought a smoker shaped from a meteor (that looked a lot like a kamado cooker), and he was careful to differentiate it from a grill. In the episode, Homer’s hickory-smoked pork ribs become immediately popular in the neighborhood, and…

B Daddys BBQ 01

B-Daddy’s BBQ

The challenges of running a barbecue food truck weren’t lost on B.R. Anderson when he opened B-Daddy’s BBQ, in San Antonio, in 2012. After all, he was the third owner of the trailer he bought, stepping in after the other two gave up on their ventures. But in restaurants, it’s often innovate or perish. So Anderson made some changes, starting with getting rid of the pellet cooker and the gas smoker. “I don’t cook with gas,” he told…

BBQ News: 09/25 – 10/01

– Matt Garner, a central figure in the formation of Houston’s barbecue style, gets nice treatment in the Houston Chronicle. – Also in the Chronicle, food critic Alison Cook announced her 100 favorites restaurants in Houston this past week. Killen’s Barbecue was #4, CorksScrew BBQ was #31, Roegels Barbecue Co. was #69, and Brooks Place BBQ made it in at #89. – An Austin woman gets a bit touchy about her ribs: Austin police: Woman threatened to stab brother…

The West Wing Should Have the Best Wings

Barbecue and politics have long, shared history. A few months back we looked at some humorous political slogans calling for brisket as a 2016 contender. Aaron Franklin was even seeking some votes, but now it’s Brad Orrison of the The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint looking for your vote. In a series of videos produced by charcoal-maker Kingsford, Orrison discusses his position on agriculture, labor, domestic relations, and foreign policy. A few of our favorites include:…

Kolacny BBQ 01

Kolacny Bar-B-Q

This barbecue joint does not exist. No, this is not the start of a philosophical argument over what is and isn’t real. What I mean to say is that I thought this category of barbecue joint–“the unknown”–was gone forever. The “unknown” is a place that I would characterize as a “hidden gem,” a restaurant that has yet to be “discovered” for its fantastic food. Snow’s was famously an “unknown” until Texas Monthly happened upon it in 2008, declaring its barbecue the best in…

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