Bartley’s Bar-B-Q

413 E. Northwest Hwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051

Phone: 817-481-3212
Hours: Tue-€“Thur 10:30-€“8, Fri & Sat 10:30-€“9

Opened 1968
Pitmaster Shane Wilkinson (since 2012)
Method Hickory; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip The pecan cobbler comes from the bakery next door.

TMBBQ Rating: 4

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50


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Had the all you can eat again ribs brisket and sausage all great
doug_wallace @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, 2015-02-24 19:15:46
We were in Dallas Saturday, and interestingly enough, I learned about a restaurant that is known for its chili when I was researching BBQ joints. We headed out to Grapevine so that I could sample Tolbert's Texas Red. I know, I'm always on the lookout for BBQ, but why not seek out great chili as well? It turns out that Tolbert's has a very nice bowl of chili. So much so, that I would certainly return for another bowl. My wife's steak also had a nice flavor, but I caught a glimpse of little Maddie's hamburger. Let's put it this way: I don't plan on going to Tolbert's for their burgers. After a nice lunch, we piled into our van so that we could get to our hotel. Just as we turned the corner, I saw Bartley's BBQ. It's on my list! I had to stop for something. (As you may know, I'm trying to visit all BBQ establishments on the Texas Monthly Top 50). As I walked in and perused their fare, I suddenly uttered, "That's bologna!" They had barbecued bologna and I had to get some. The proprietor told me their specialty was brisket, so I ordered a half pound of the fatty stuff. He pulled out a fresh brisket and deftly cut to the fat. He was also careful to maximize on the crust so that I would fully enjoy this treat. To make the family happy, I grabbed a half dozen cinnamon rolls which are made at their sister bakery. IMG_4940 It was much later before I enjoyed these take out treats, but the cinnamon rolls were delicious. The BBQ bologna was a definite treat. I can't say that I've enjoyed this under appreciated meat quite this way. The brisket is what caused my wife to call me an addict. She has drug addicts in her family and she hates that mentality. Apparently, my behavior isn't that much different than a junkie looking to score. She just doesn't appreciate a perfectly rendered piece of fat candied with a nice black crust. Bartley's BBQ easily earns a 4.0/5.0 from me. Everything I tried exceeded all expectations and they are a place you mustn't overlook if you are in the Dallas area. Do yourself a favor, get some cinnamon rolls. Next time I will try their kolaches. If you are looking for other joints that scored at least a 4.0, try Billy's Old Fashion Barbecue and Stanley's Famous Pit Barbecue. You will not be disappointed.
Theodore Luoma @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, 2015-02-23 05:22:29
must be an off day, because I dot understand the top 50 ranking
Stephen Powell @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Q, 2015-02-13 01:07:15
Fantastic had the all you can eat Cajun turkey super moist hit links bologna cut into slices seasoned and smoked brisket moist and tender ribs sweet and smoky beans with pepper pecan cobbler and the folks were super nice
doug_wallace @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Que, 2014-11-25 19:24:03
Solid BBQ, nothing that really stood out. Had the pork ribs, brisket, and green beans. Peach cobbler was pretty good. If you're in the area, worth a visit.
Rahul Yaratha @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Que, 2014-10-01 00:17:36
Vile! The sides are in violation of health code and were served at 90 degrees beans were like a pile of bile from a dog on my plate and the sausage is emulsified gritty hotdog meat brisket was at least 2 days old ... Bbq sauce jiggles in the cup just like low fat Italian dressing at lubys oh and the "chopped beef " comes from a small crock pot and is worse than sloppy joes
Vic Jones @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Que, 2014-01-26 19:06:53
Really friendly staff, but Q was average at best. Had sample of all the meats; brisket and ribs were average, sausage was grocery store quality. Tried smoked bologna for the first time...and the last. Sides were really good, especially the pecan cobbler. A lot of loyal customers, but, even with the lack of choices nearby, I won't be back.
James debruin @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Que, 2013-12-17 15:48:40
Solid food, great smoke smell, sides of carrots and turnip greens were good as well, will be back when in area!
loudmouthred @ Bartley’s Bar-B-Que, 2013-10-08 14:04:52
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May 15, 2013

We walked through the doors of this thoroughly nondescript suburban strip center spot and were greeted by the heavenly incense of smoked meat—which carried us to the counter in a happy daze. Next, came an unsolicited, excruciatingly upbeat testimonial from a fellow patron, waiting and antsy for service: “Best barbecue around!” he blurted out. Finally, we ordered, and the sensory experience we’d been waiting for unfolded: The brisket was ringed in deep maroon, and walloped…

September 3, 2010

I needed to go back to Bartley’s in Grapevine to clear up a misunderstanding. In my D Magazine article on the Best BBQ in DFW, I stated that Bartley’s used oak in their smokers, but a few commenters noted that they use hickory. I had to get it from the horse’s mouth, so after a cancelled flight at DFW led to a bowl of red at Tolbert’s, I stopped in at Bartley’s for some meat…