Brown’s Bar-B-Que

1901 S Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704

Phone: (512) 517-8520
Hours: Tues-Wed 11-7, Thur-Sat 11-11

Opened 2012
Pitmaster Daniel Brown
Method Post oak in an offset smoker

TMBBQ Rating: 4


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ate here a couple weeks ago. no lines no waiting! brisket was great and the sausage was delish. wouldn't say top tier of Austin spots but one small step down for sure.
thehighepopt @ Brown?s Bar-B-Que, 2016-07-21 18:29:50
Love the seasoning on the brisket, Good black pepper flavors and the salt is just on the edge of being to much but still just right. Sausage is good, lacks a little in the flavor. Luckily it gets a lot of smoke so it's not a forgotten item.
Butchkluth @ Brown’s Bar-B-Que, 2016-06-15 21:21:39
Everything is great here. Love this place.
David Monasmith @ Brown’s Bar-B-Que, 2016-05-03 17:55:02
Excellent brisket!
David Monasmith @ Brown’s Bar-B-Que, 2016-02-24 18:18:12
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June 17, 2014

Brown’s Bar-B-Que has one of the best briskets in Austin, and one of the best side items in Texas. When I visited a year ago (at their previous location) I found the brisket to be the weak link, but no longer. Pitmaster Daniel Brown has found the sweet spot in his trailer mounted steel smoker, and Austin is the beneficiary. These days the Brown’s trailer is parked out front of Corner Bar on South Lamar. On…