Cele Store

18726 Cameron Rd
Manor, TX

Phone: 512-869-9340
Hours: Lunch Fri 11-2, Sat 11-3. Dinner Thur 6-11, Fri 5:30-9. Closed Sun-Wed.
Website: www.celestore.com


Comments from our joint finder app.
Decided to go 10min out of my way t get to this place. Only open Friday!!! Made mistake of coming out a while a go on a Tuesday-nobody home. Anyway brisket was decent with peppery and smoky flavor. It comes out cubed with a mix of moist and lean so texture wise my mouth was confused as got some tender and slightly tough meat at the same time. Next time maybe I will see if can just do moist. Sauce is very light-watery and flavorful so didn't take away from meat flavor. Worth a try.
Terry r @ Cele Store, 2016-06-10 17:34:15
Brisket and sausage were good. Rib were great!
Kevin_Taylor @ Cele Store, 2014-05-11 01:32:53
The brisket is cubed which is a little odd, but it was very nice and moist. Got enough of the crust as well. The sausage had a good snap, was not greasy, excellent really. The Ribs were my favourite, deep smoke and oh so tender. The place is very cool, old world charm with a sloping floor, nothing quite fits. Great place close to Austin.
Christopher Agius Ferrante @ Cele Store, 2013-09-07 12:40:26
The brisket was tasty. It could've been a little more tender, but it was far from tough. And I liked their thin sauce - and I often don't like homemade sauces. I recommend it highly. Quaint. A throw back. Only wish they were open more hours.
Shannon Phillips @ Cele Store, 2013-08-24 13:30:40
Stopped by twice and can't seem to catch em open
paul_umlove @ Cele Store, 2013-06-28 15:04:10
Stopped by twice and can't seem to catch em open
paul_umlove @ Cele Store, 2013-06-28 15:04:08
So glad we finally came here.
lynnbakerhack @ Cele Store, 2012-06-30 12:17:11
Good flavor on the ribs; brisket and Elgin sausage just alright. Definitely come here for the atmosphere and history. Filming location for Secondhand Lions and Perfect World.
bearkat90 @ Cele Store, 2012-04-14 13:47:34
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