Corkscrew BBQ

26608 Keith St.
Spring, TX 77373

Phone: 832-592-1184
Hours: Tue-€“Sat 11-€“till meat runs out
Twitter: @CorkscrewBBQ

Opened 2011
Pitmaster Will Buckman
Method Red oak; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip The green-chile ranch dressing is homemade. Get some, even to dip your pinky in.

TMBBQ Rating: 4.25

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50


Comments from our joint finder app.
Sausage and pulled pork was excellent. Brisket was good but appeared to be a little over cooked since it crumbled and the slices were cut on the thicker side. Ribs and turkey were decent. Very place , clean, and great service. We got ther at 10:45 and were 15th in line according to the number we received. The line moves fairly fast. Would definitely recommend and worth the 45 minute drive north from W. Houston.
cvalen9 @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2016-03-11 19:45:53
Tried out the new place same fantastic food and people but lots shorter wait times make it that much better. I rate it a 5.0
Randy Deputy @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2015-11-17 04:29:43
I had brisket (moist) and sausage here today! Excellent!
gaslinger @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2015-10-29 19:35:22
The sides were unique and amazingly good. This is the best barbecue in the Houston area that you can get. the line is not that long and the staff at corkscrew are friendly and amazing people' I think the rating is too low at a 4.0
Randy Deputy @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2015-04-20 16:41:19
I had brisket, sausage, coleslaw, potato salad, and a cobbler this week, this was the best barbecue meal I have ever had. The brisket was very very tender but still held together on my sandwich,
Randy Deputy @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2015-04-20 16:39:22
The sampler platter was very good.
Jim Sankey @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2013-08-22 13:09:00
Delicious! Glad to find this place. Tried all the meats via a sampler platter...tender and very good flavor.
frazierfreud @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2012-05-30 19:19:08
Who needs a building? Some of the best brisket I've ever eaten...melt in your mouth good... Good sausage... Sauce has a cobbler is buttery heaven
fat_joe @ Corkscrew BBQ, 2012-03-21 00:00:47
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May 16, 2013

Set among a relentless suburban grid of drab brown-and-gray strip malls north of Houston, Corkscrew BBQ’s riotous pink-and-black mini-campus of trailers and smoke shacks stands out like a Longhorn in College Station. This is appropriate, however, considering that Corkscrew represents a new generation of barbecue in Houston. Pitmaster Will Buckman smokes his brisket with a clear Central Texas influence—for up to twelve hours using only red oak, resulting in heavy smoke penetration and crusty, char-y salt-and-pepper…