Kreuz Market (Bryan)

768 N Earl Rudder Fwy.
Bryan, TX 77802

Phone: (979) 704-6147
Hours: S-Thur 10:30 - 8, F-Sat 10:30 - 9
Twitter: @kreuzmarket

Opened 2015
Pitmaster Marco Oglesby and Lee Jasper
Method Post oak in an indirect heat pit

TMBBQ Rating: 4


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I love driving through Bryan/CS so I can stop here. Awesome brisket and turkey! @ Kreuz Market (Bryan), 2016-03-09 18:45:11
I like this one better than the original in Lockhart, I have to have this at least twice a month!
jimbo @ Kreuz Market (Bryan), 2016-01-21 18:50:14
Jalapeño sausage is very good @ Kreuz Market (Bryan), 2015-12-21 17:08:38
What's going on here? Forks, knives, spoons..... I thought all that was at the end of your arms! I'm starting to get worried. I grab me a chunk of cheese, when the guy asks me if I want any sides. I pass, (I've never been impressed with the side at Kreuz), then he asks if I want BBQ sauce! Now I'm really starting to worry. I tell him if the que is that bad it needs sauce, I'll go somewhere else. I asked about Kreuz always saying no forks or sauce. He tells me when they opened customers complained so much about not having them they had to get them. As I get closer to the register to order them meat I notice they are getting close to the end of the brisket. Then I realized I timed it perfectly, 3 hungry guests in front of me and it's time to bring out a fresh brisket. I watch as he unwraps it from the grease soaked pink paper, look at that bark! I'm the first one to ask for moist brisket, he turns the brisket 90° and makes that first cut through the bark. 1/4 lb moist brisket and a link of sausage. The brisket was wonderful, nice bark, seasoned well, nice smoke flavor, and moist. The sausage is very unique. I know several people who do not like it. It is a coarser grind than most sausages, but I actually prefer it like that. I only way it had more black pepper and garlic in it. I did try to eat the brisket with a fork, but it just didn't seam right. I ended up using my fingers and saltine crackers.
Butchkluth @ Kreuz Market (Bryan), 2015-12-09 19:07:35
Brisket was awesome! Sauerkraut is a must on the side. @ Kreuz Market (Bryan), 2015-12-04 17:52:20
Sausage was excellent. Crisp casing then bursting with greasy flavor! Brisket was tender with a nice bark (a lot of salt and pepper in bark). Didn't try sides, but que alone is worth the stop.
beer_bbq_beer @ Kreuz Market (Bryan), 2015-09-02 01:34:04
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August 14, 2015

It’s hard to replicate a legend, but that’s what Keith Schmidt is tasked with at the new Kreuz Market in Bryan. Keith bought the business from his father Rick in 2011, and he’s shepherding it through their first true expansion since the business first opened in 1900. The Schmidt family has been instrumental in other versions of their business like Hill Country Barbecue Market in New York and Washington, Lockhart Smokehouse in Dallas, and more recently…