Midway Barbeque

6025 Hwy Blvd
Katy, Texas 77494

Phone: (281) 391-2830


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Great turkey
paul_umlove @ Midway Barbeque, 2016-01-29 14:08:09
Not bad in a pinch
paul_umlove @ Midway Barbeque, 2016-01-29 13:56:20
Brisket was more moist than usual this visit. A pleasant surprise. Lacked in crust however. Ribs were really good; pull away from the bone perfectly and have a great flavor from The dry rub. Request that the sausage be left unsliced to get a more accurate taste. It was mediocre. A decent "go to place" when your not able to get Central Texas Q.
paul_umlove @ Midway BBQ, 2012-10-10 08:35:27
Sausage unfortunately had all fat trimmed, was tender but lacked overall flavor and bark. Sausage was a tightly packed commercial link. The rib was good with a great crust. Chocolate pie was okay. Overall, it's a mediocre eating experience with a great atmosphere
paul_umlove @ Midway BBQ, 2012-09-25 15:09:15
Good brisket good ribs good chicken awesome sausage but terrible sides but I don't go there for the sides.
lzammit3 @ Midway BBQ, 2012-03-11 16:10:16
good ribs, sauce too vinegary for me. great friendly people
paul_umlove @ Midway BBQ, 2011-12-30 09:13:45
paul_umlove @ Midway BBQ, 2011-11-18 13:01:41
Very good BBQ, not the best I've had but very good BBQ at a good price with good portions and nice employees. Would recommend to anyone to try.
jethro @ Midway BBQ, 2011-09-17 13:31:38
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