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Great brisket and mac & cheese
David Monasmith @ Schmidt Family Barbecue, 2017-01-19 19:18:20
Came here for lunch. Was buzzing. Post oak smell was great. I could not decide between the beef rib or moist brisket. I asked for sample of brisket and it was fabulous. Great smoke flavor. Peppery crusty shell on the edge. Melted in mouth. So I got 1/4lb of what I thought was moist. I also got 1/4 chicken. Side of Cole slaw. They have a number of condiments such as sliced carrots, very spicy pickle slices and pickled onions. They also have a bunch of different sauces and salsa for BBQ tacos. There is a coffee bourbon BBQ sauce I tried but it was terrible. Tasted more like peanut butter than coffee or bourbon. The carrots and pickles were great. Onto brisket. I think he cut this brisket from the lean as it was NOWHERE near taste of the sample. Lean had good pepper flavor and smoke but was dry and slightly chewy. On one of the pieces I thought I just ate a piece of smoldering wood it was so potent but in the bitter burnt way. Anyway, if I was to rate the sample I was given, that was a 4.5 out of 5. For what I was given, it was a 2.5 out of 5 and at $19.50/lb, it all better be good. The chicken was a different story. Moist and smoky and full of flavor. I would say in top 5 of the ones I have had in my travels. That's a 4.5 out of 5. If it had some other help from rosemary or other herbs to give it that extra dimension, it would be a 5. Onto the Cole slaw. It was inedible. Yes had crunch, yes it had all the ingredients one would find in Cole slaw but the taste was non-existent. No sweet taste, no vinegar taste, no mustard taste. Just bland bland bland. 0 out 5 for this side dish. Overall I give a 3 out 5. If the brisket had been as advertised and I excluded the coleslaw, I would have given a 4 or even a 4.25 but I can only grade on what I was given. So if come here, watch what they give you and make sure it is from a piece you approve.
Terry r @ The Pit Room, 2017-01-19 19:15:34
Tasted the brisket but it was very Chewy and I figured as much once I saw the lady cutting it having a hard time getting knife through it. Looking at the fat marble left between all the brisket meat, I would have to say it was not smoked long enough to render the fat and soften it. Decided to get the chicken lunch plate which is half chicken and 3 sides. Super cheap at $10. The chicken looked fabulous on the plate with crisp skin but it was over cooked, ie dry. Taste wise it was very good. It just lacked the moisture. Maybe if I came earlier in day it would have been better but one of the better tasting chickens I have had. The Cole slaw was great. It was thin strips of cabbage in vinegar sauce. Great flavor. The cucumber salad was quite good as well but too much sour cream sauce. The French. Fries are crinkle cut type and smelled fabulous. Good and crunchy. Overall 3 out 5 for meats and 5 out 5 for sides. 3 out 5 for overall.
Terry r @ Hinze’s Bar-B-Que, 2017-01-18 00:25:11
Pork Steak special today was really good and at a good price
David Monasmith @ Ronnie’s BBQ, 2017-01-17 17:41:53
Love the Baby Backs
David Monasmith @ Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q, 2017-01-14 17:52:19
Everything was a little too dry for me.... Brisket sandwich was my favorite
Kyle030390 @ Hard Eight BBQ, 2017-01-13 19:47:31
Brisket Torta and beans were excellent
David Monasmith @ King’s Hwy Brew & Q, 2017-01-13 17:48:29
Just had some cherry pie. I usually like sweet and this was slightly tart at first but after a couple of chews it turns faintly sweet and is wonderful. The cherries are not too big and are tender but not turned to mush. The crust was amazing too. I will be back.
Randy Deputy @ The Pit Room, 2017-01-13 00:39:07
Just ok. Brisket had no flavor until you put the BBQ sauce on it. Good if you are craving BBQ and Millers BBQ is closed or out.
Scott Callaway @ Schoepf’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que, 2017-01-11 21:50:44
Good brisket. Love the ring sausage
David Monasmith @ Milt’s Pit BBQ, 2017-01-10 17:57:38
May have been a bad day. Turkey was dry with the texture of Bucees turkey jerky. Chop was good. Cherry ribs were dry but flavorful and coleslaw was flavorless.
jmadder @ Two Bros. BBQ Market, 2017-01-07 19:47:53
Friendly place to go
David Monasmith @ Pok-E-Jo's - Round Rock, 2017-01-05 17:05:33
Came here for lunch. Ordered 1 bee rib and smoked chicken. 2 side: Cole slaw and cream corn. Overall a good meal though if I was to order beef rub again I would come thursdays as beef rib plate is special. Beef rib was quite good. Without BBQ sauce has some sweetness and spice. Far rendered well so not pulling off grease. Just right pull. Good smoke. Not a ton of meat but enough on 1 side. 3.75out 5. Not 4 but not 3.5. Chicken breast was smoked well with some burned ends(more like caramelization) of the sweet glaze. Juicy. I liked better without bbq sauce. 3.5 out 5. Coleslaw was crunchy with sweet vinegar and touch of peppery taste. 4 out 5. The cream corn is as close as I have seen to Rudy's. Creamy but a bit too sugary sweet. I couldn't tell if Corn was fresh or canned but didn't seem like grilled or put in smoker. I think that would be the bomb. 4 out 5.
Terry r @ Big Al’s Smokehouse Barbecue, 2017-01-04 18:30:46
I went to the one in Sealy and was not too impressed. Very bland and reminds me of Bill Millers.
Woodwill Smokers @ Hinze’s Bar-B-Que, 2017-01-02 06:25:14
Loved the giant beef rib and pork chop
David Monasmith @ Lockhart Smokehouse, 2016-12-28 18:33:23
This is my go to spot. The brisket is some of the best in the state, and the rest is awesome.
Stephen McHaney @ Bodacious Bar-B-Q (Longview), 2016-12-25 18:49:32
Good meat. Did not care for their sweet BBQ sauce. Sausage and brisket are good.
pork-belly @ Heim Barbecue, 2016-12-23 04:43:27
Not with the stop…
pork-belly @ Fenoglio’s BBQ, 2016-12-23 04:38:20
Good BBQ for a chain. I like to ribs as their sauces are pretty good.
pork-belly @ Rib Crib, 2016-12-23 04:36:57
Fair. Great burgers. Sausage is something out of a package from your local grocery store.
pork-belly @ Texas Best BBQ & Burgers, 2016-12-23 04:35:26
This is a must for anyone who enjoy true pit BBQ. This guy knows what he is doing with everything on the menu. Ribs, brisket, sausage, and the best smoked turkey on earth! And I am not a true fan of turkey cooked any way. I sop here often and recommend this place to anyone looking for a good meal with good service from good people. Keep up the great work!
pork-belly @ Zeke’s BBQ, 2016-12-23 04:31:25
Good brisket and beans
David Monasmith @ Old 300 BBQ, 2016-12-21 22:41:15
Possibly the best beef ribs I have ever had. Beautifully barked fatty brisket. Nice I can pop in as I do errands in Tomball!
aggiedad92 @ Tejas Chocolate Craftory, 2016-12-21 01:43:33
Good brisket &sides
Kyle030390 @ Hutchins BBQ, 2016-12-17 17:36:22
Gun centric theme is pretty funny; BBQ is pretty meh. Brisket super dry and inconsistent; not a fan of not being able to pick whether want fat trimmed or not. Ribs solid. Got potato salad and were out of all else; it was fine. Houston is so big you really really want to come here otherwise save a ultra far drive.
Rahul Yaratha @ Brooks’ Place, 2016-12-16 22:30:04
Had a pound is sausage and a cheeseburger both fantastic @ Longoria’s BBQ, 2016-12-13 22:06:26
1st visit, good solid brisket very moist and tender. Had a sausage wrap as a side, love this sausage one of my favorite! In the world of $20lb brisket this is a excellent deal. Friendly staff I will be back.
@ Heavy’s Outdoor Bar-B-Que, 2016-12-13 19:34:02
Wanted BBQ for lunch so I came her and had the sausage sandwich combo . Was somewhat disappointed with the lack of substance in the sausage. It tasted like something I could get from the grocery store. Plus it was a lot of bread and thinly cut sausage. Swing and a miss....
Woodwill Smokers @ Granzin's Bar-BQ, 2016-12-12 18:51:18
A sliced beef aandwich a sausage sadwich and one rib all fantastic best in ft worth a tradition a dynasty my home away from home @ Angelo’s Bar-B-Que, 2016-12-09 19:34:50
This place was ok. They made there name selling lunch to local businesses. Decent Q nothing special.
Woodwill Smokers @ McKenzie’s Barbeque, 2016-12-09 15:36:03


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