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Got the fatty brisket, ribs, and a sausage link - was not disappointed. Not as much kick as advertised. Sides were meh. Great Q in small town environment.
Rahul Yaratha @ Zimmerhanzel’s BBQ, 2015-01-29 20:55:38
Had brisket , ribs and sausage all were very good.
Roman @ Live Oak Barbecue, 2015-01-29 19:23:58
A sliced and a polish sausage this place has the best brisket for 150 miles remind me why it's not in top 25
doug_wallace @ Angelo’s, 2015-01-29 00:15:31
Brisket was decent lean but smoky te sauce seemed like doctored up Kraft but a good twang id stop again
doug_wallace @ Woody’s Smokehouse, 2015-01-27 22:10:49
Beef ribs insanely good.
John Matteo @ Louie Mueller Barbecue, 2015-01-26 18:18:48
Great beef ribs
David Monasmith @ Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, 2015-01-26 02:18:46
Lean was tender with good smoke flavor, just wished it had more bark.
David Monasmith @ Hammond’s Bar-B-Que, 2015-01-25 19:05:06
Ed Dravecky @ North Main BBQ, 2015-01-25 00:27:23
Was in Georgetown for Soccer and decided to make my way to Louie Muellers. I'm typing this in a beef induced stuper
mike_meehan @ Louie Mueller Barbecue, 2015-01-24 22:13:11
Cold rainy January day. Great way to get brisket. Got there at 10:am doors opened at 11:am and eating the best brisket on the planet at 12:00 great way to start the day.
Kevin Wiggins @ Franklin Barbecue, 2015-01-22 18:44:47
Had brisket, ribs.
Roman @ Smoke Shack, 2015-01-22 18:39:49
Not good TM. Cold sides and bitter brisket!
Bubba Schmidt @ Big Al’s Smokehouse Barbecue, 2015-01-21 19:13:26
what do you do when you drive by ad there's only a 45 minute line? you getting line
Stephen Powell @ Franklin Barbecue, 2015-01-20 20:33:55
Two sliced and a polish sausage all awesome love this place
doug_wallace @ Angelo’s, 2015-01-20 19:26:17
The best ever!
Jan Zwerver @ Franklin Barbecue, 2015-01-20 15:47:57
Great brisket!
Jan Zwerver @ Black’s Barbecue, 2015-01-20 15:47:28
Easily the best bbq chain in Texas. Got the 3 meat combo and wasn't disappointed. Fatty brisket was solid, slightly inconsistent. Pork ribs had nice rub and crust; best of the 3 meats. Jalapeño cheddar could've been spicier but it worked. Sides were solid. Overall a recommended stop in south Fort Worth.
Rahul Yaratha @ Cousin’s Bar-B-Q, 2015-01-19 20:17:03
Killin These ribs!!!
Craig Hutchinson @ Opie’s Barbecue, 2015-01-19 17:59:43
Killin These ribs!!!
Craig Hutchinson @ Opie’s Barbecue, 2015-01-19 17:59:42
Great day for a road trip to Lockhart. Ate outside in the sun. Brisket was moist and delicious. They do a great job of letting the meat speak for itself, not overpowering it in too much rub. Sausage was flavorful and had good snap. Pork and beef ribs had a lot of flavor but were a little chewy. Overall, great day to live and eat in central Texas.
pk @ Black’s Barbecue, 2015-01-19 00:42:51
The sausage is king here and rightfully so. Perfectly made and heavenly with every bite. Arguably best sausage in Texas. Home made tamales were delightful surprise; brisket was okay, somewhat dry. Sides were fine. This place is worth the trip for the great home made sausage.
Rahul Yaratha @ Longoria’s BBQ, 2015-01-18 01:20:04
Ribs sausage and brisket all great by the sausage was stellar good folks great food
doug_wallace @ Odom’s Barbeque, 2015-01-17 21:06:39
Brisket was good today but not great. Regular sausage was fantastic as was the clod
Van Henley @ Kreuz Market, 2015-01-17 20:36:57
Black's was on point today. Brisket(moist) was an OMG moment with just the right amount of smoke. Melt in your mouth goodness. Pecan cobbler was the perfect finish for a carnivore delight.
Van Henley @ Black’s Barbecue, 2015-01-17 20:34:43
Is it possible for Smitty's to keep getting better? The ribs are amazing!!!!!
dirkelps @ Smitty’s Market, 2015-01-17 17:45:36
Great brisket and potato salad. Definitely in my top three all time BBQ's! The place has a great feel with a staff that is quick, courteous and ready to educate.
Bryan Daniel @ Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, 2015-01-17 14:05:41
John Matteo @ Pecan Lodge, 2015-01-16 18:56:50
Cooked a mail order brisket from snows it was awesome fed the family
doug_wallace @ Snow’s BBQ, 2014-10-15 23:18:38
Enrique Rodriguez @ Hutchins BBQ, 2015-01-15 17:38:17
@The Big Bib Some of the best brisket I've ever had, moist, tender and flavorful...second only to Pecan Lodge and that's pretty good company! Pork ribs were excellent and jalapeño ribs were good. Try the sweet potato casserole, it's delicious!
Justen Noakes @ , 2015-01-09 19:07:09


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