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Got a sliced to go decent but nothingto write home about
doug_wallace @ Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, 2014-11-22 00:30:51
Had three meat combo brisket polish and hot link deviled eggs and fries everything was great good folks expect a line
doug_wallace @ Mike Anderson’s BBQ, 2014-11-21 19:03:14
Love this place
Bill coons @ Mumphord’s Place, 2014-11-20 22:23:46
Wonderful to be back. Love this pls
Bill coons @ Mumphord’s Place, 2014-11-20 22:22:54
Had a beef rib... Either best or runner up for best I've had . Excellent all around , loved the rub / char
dayolddoughnut @ La Barbecue, 2014-11-19 21:55:12
A sliced and Fritos for lunch decent Sven out of ten
doug_wallace @ Sammie’s Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-19 00:15:04
Tried the brisket, turkey, and pork chop. All dry. The jalapeño macaroni and cheese was good, the potato salad was fair, and blackberry cobbler was not very sweet.
Becky Kemp @ Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que, 2014-11-17 00:56:01
Sliced and sausage sliced had a goo ring and flavor sausage good lots of pepper potato salad and beans were good service is outstanding checked on me three times I like this place
doug_wallace @ Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-15 22:08:49
Sausage and a sliced both great Angelo's never let's me down
doug_wallace @ Angelo’s, 2014-11-14 23:47:24
Loved it!
bbqueen @ City Market, 2014-11-13 20:18:01
Schoepf's - Belton Not top 50, but I'd been to Millers so I figured I give it a try. Fantastic place. You enter in the pit room and order off the pit like at Coopers (most notably). The dining area and bar addition are new, but with an old school BBQ joint feel. Brisket - moist and tender, but held together. Great flavor with just a smidge too much salt. Jalapeño cheese sausage doesn't have too much jalapeño, just enough for great flavor. Pretty standard, but I liked it. Ribs were tough and dry, though full disclosure I got there at 2pm. Didn't have much flavor, either. Overall - I like this place. It's not super special, but solid. Brisket was good, ribs weren't as much. I say a solid B-.
Scott Jarvis @ Schoepf’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que, 2014-11-13 20:13:29
I had the sliced and sausage sausage was steamed no smoke and slice wasn't great as far as flavor beans were decent and potato was pretty awful girls were cute lol
doug_wallace @ The Smoke Pit, 2014-11-12 20:49:55
Better than most. Not a fan of Hickory smoked meats. Brisket had smoke ring and bark very black but had that Hickory taste and thankfully it was not overpowering.
Bubba Schmidt @ Central Texas Style BBQ, 2014-11-09 20:27:22
Brisket was tender and delicious! Crispy, peppery bark. Sauce was watery but good
Nathaniel Cox @ John Mueller Meat Co., 2014-11-08 21:10:31
Two of the nicest people I've met sat and talked and asked where I was from and BBQ was dang good they've been here 43 years making a living nothing but respect !
doug_wallace @ Smoke Shack Pit Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-08 16:59:49
Just had lunch here. Solid cue as always. Brisket and sausage were right on! Can't beat the sides. Go with cheesy potatoes broccoli rice casserole and pintos. Good food every time we go here.
@ Central Texas Style BBQ, 2014-11-07 18:52:57
Brisket has good flavor, texture is too coarse and too much like roast beast for my liking, bark was a little tough, but pretty good taste. Pork ribs had a nice taste, held together nicely and a hint of cinnamon. Turkey is nice an moist, light flavor. My favorite is the sirloin, nice and pink, good beef flavor and texture...worth the stop for that! As another reader recommended, get the corn bread salad and mix in some house pintos.
Justen Noakes @ Hard Eight Pit Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-06 19:08:50
Had the three meat combo ham sausage and brisket all dang good good sides
doug_wallace @ David’s Barbecue, 2014-11-06 00:56:07
Went by yesterday for dinner. Super friendly. Brisket was very moist but also very chewy. Sausage was passable. Ribs had a very charcoally flavor and were also chewy. If you find yourself in Mesquite and desperate, it'll do. Otherwise, I'd pass.
pk @ Slab’s Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-03 01:32:35
Que is on point today! Prime brisket is incredible.
Jim Brown @ Back Forty Smokehouse, 2014-11-02 23:26:24
Legacy Christian Academy is holding their post game 5th quarter football gathering here tonight. Ready for some good Texas bbq.
Mark Kelley @ Rudy’s Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-01 02:47:45
Combo plate brisket and sausage both good lean on the brisket and the sides were great they bring sauce hot in a little pot nice folks checked on me twice this place is always crowded with neighborhood folks or people from Halliburton
doug_wallace @ Hickory Stick Bar-B-Q, 2014-11-01 00:05:00
Ribs never do you wrong at Tyler's
Craig Hutchinson @ Tyler’s Barbeque, 2014-10-29 18:22:17
Had the ribs, brisket,turkey and sausage. All excellent. The special pastrami ribs are worth waiting to come on a Tuesday.
Roman @ The Granary ’Cue and Brew, 2014-10-28 17:33:33
Monday night all you can eat ham Ribs and chopped everything was great except beans
doug_wallace @ Sammie’s Bar-B-Q, 2014-10-27 23:20:59
Stanley's BBQ brisket was terrific as usual
johnny_rndd @ , 2014-10-27 11:29:07
Lean sliced and polish sausage both great fantastic lunch
doug_wallace @ Angelo’s, 2014-10-24 17:20:57
Great ribs today. Perfect smoke and candied on the outside
Craig Hutchinson @ Tyler’s Barbeque, 2014-10-24 05:08:08
A little expensive but still good.
Mark Myers @ Iron Works BBQ, 2014-10-21 17:40:17
Good brisket and slaw. Always a good sign when the sides are good.
Mark Myers @ Hays Co. Bar-B-Que & Catering, 2014-10-21 17:39:02


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