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I had to meet a coworker in New Braunfels today. During the drive there I started thinking about BBQ. I convinced myself (though when it comes to BBQ, it doesn't take much convincing) that I had to have some brisket and sausage for lunch. Not just any BBQ would do, I wanted to try a place I had never had before. After a quick search on Yelp, I found CBQ with 4stars! I get out of the car and take a deep breath, first thing that comes to mind is "where's the smell of smoke". I decide the wind must be blowing the the smoke to the other side of the building. I continue inside, as I open the door I get it, the faint smell of smoke. I reassure myself with the 4 star rating. I see a "wait to be seated" sign and think what kind of TX BBQ joint is this. Shouldn't I walk up to the counter, order my brisket then carry a tray of juicy BBQ on butcher paper to the table and enjoy? Not here you don't! At the table I receive a menu and begin to make my decision. A two meat plate with moist brisket and tx sausage plus two sides. I remember reading a Yelp review about the creamy coleslaw and I saw burnt end BBQ beans menus on the menu. A few minutes later a plate is brought to my table. What's up with this brisket, it doesn't look right? The sausage looks good. Since when does diced pieces of brisket count as burnt ends? I remind myself, Don't judge a book by the cover, this place has 4 stars! Let's start with the sides. Burnt end BBQ beans - like I mentioned, the burnt ends are diced cubes of brisket with no flavor and how much sugar did you put in here? These beans are so sweet I cannot eat them. The creamy coleslaw - lots of shredded cabbage and a few shredded carrots with an entire tub of mayo doesn't make it coleslaw. I've had better coleslaw from a drive thru window. Time for the brisket - doesn't BBQ brisket have a smoke ring? What's up with the weird "bark" (I use that term loosely) it has more of a beef jerky texture and flavor to it. Did this brisket receive any smoke? If so was it wrapped in foil so the smoke couldn't reach the meat? Bill Miller's BBQ doesn't have anything to worry about when it comes to CBQ. They won't be taking any brisket business away. I'm a firm believer that if you need BBQ sauce on your brisket it wasn't cooked correctly..... so, where's the sauce? 3 choices of house made sauce. A basic sauce, a honey mustard, and a spicy. The waitress did mention that it was really spicy. I also read some Yelp reviews that it was made with ghost chilies and it was very very hot. I started with the basic - know wonder the BBQ beans were so sweet. This sauce has no smokey flavors only sweetness, I'll pass. Let's try the TX sausage - casing has a nice snap to it. Wow something that has flavor. I can eat this. It's actually a decent piece of sausage. You can see the pepper in it, wait, what's that I see? Is that a smoke ring? How is it possible for the sausage to have a smoke ring, but the brisket doesn't? I didn't bother asking where the sausage was made, but it was good. Now back to the brisket and sauce. Honey mustard sauce - again, how much honey is in here? This too is so sweet it's not enjoyable. I decide to stop with the brisket and sauce and just eat the sausage and a slice of white bread. If you find yourself standing in front of CBQ BBQ do yourself a favor. Go inside and order some sausage to go, then look across the street. Do you see the Bucee's gas station? Go over there and get you a brisket sandwich and enjoy. On my drive back home I wonder about that 4 star rating. I will not be returning to CBQ!!
Butchkluth @ CBQ, 2016-05-24 21:34:50
We had the pork tacos a sliced and abolish sausage all great love my Angelo's @ Angelo’s Bar-B-Que, 2016-05-24 19:35:51
I ordered the ribs and 1/2 of the brisket. The ribs were very respectable. Nice rub with just the right amount of pepper. Very juicy & smoked just right. The brisket had a nice pink ring to it & were very juicy (I'm a fan of the juicy/fat camp - always more flavor. That's what I tell my cartoligist). Big bib is a top five for me. Looking forward to coming back.
Joe Ashbaugh @ The Big Bib BBQ, 2016-05-22 18:21:56
I ordered the ribs and 1/2 of the brisket. The ribs were very respectable. Nice rub with just the right amount of pepper. Very juicy & smoked just right. The brisket had a nice pink ring to it & were very juicy (I'm a fan of the juicy/fat camp - always more flavor. That's what I tell my cartoligist). Big bib is a top five for me. Looking forward to coming back.
Joe Ashbaugh @ The Big Bib BBQ, 2016-05-22 18:21:32
Got a sliced and a coke sandwich was good I'll try again if I'm out this way @ Longhorn Smokehouse, 2016-05-21 18:48:33
Couldn't find this place @ Table 6, 2016-05-21 18:28:51
Same as the other bodacious I've had had the sliced to go @ Bodacious Bar-B-Q, 2016-05-21 18:25:07
Saw this place on country reporter it is fantastic hot links or chili twenty minutes later and my lips are still numb from the hot sauce @ Doc's Hot Links, 2016-05-21 18:17:25
I visited late on Tuesday May 9. Rib outstanding as usual and the moist brisket was great. It had nice flavor, beefy and moist. The thorndale sausage was great and of course the corn casserole was delicious. Food here is always consistent with great service !
bobrq13 @ Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew, 2016-05-19 14:54:36
@ HWY 29 BBQ Bertram, Tx I was really very impressed with this place. I was with my family in Liberty Hill about 12 miles away!! I stopped by Saturday before Mother's Day. It was late and only moist brisket left. I was very impressed, moist, peppery, and smokey. For the last couple of slices left, it was awesome. I spoke with Corey for awhile about Austin BBQ and was impressed and he was a really nice guy . A man with passion for his trade The next day on my home Mother's Day I arrived at 1pm and they were sold out, good for them bad for me. I guess my sad face walking away beckoned Corey to chase after me to apologize, no problems I said and was touched he took the time out to be so nice!! Thursday I was there when he opened had moist brisket, pork loin, sausage but the ribs were not ready. The brisket was perfect, firm, tender, flavorful, spicy and smoky. One of the best briskets I ever ate. The slice pork loin was the best I ever ate, juicy, perfect spice and smoke melt in your mouth, it was special!! I also really enjoyed the sausage loved the flavor and texture. 2 hours later I went back for the pork rib and it also was spectacular. The perfect smoke and texture yielded that perfect bite. It had a really porky flavor. Friday I was driving into Austin and instead took the family back to HWY 29. I ordered all the same and added the 1/2 chicken. Guess what the chicken was good also. My wife is picky with BBQ chicken and she loved it. Today's brisket was actually better than the day before, it was the perfect bite!! I know I rambled but I been to Austin, Taylor, Lockhart and ate lots of BBQ. HWY 29 ranks right up there. Will save me some trips around central Texas. The best thing though is the really friendly atmosphere in the neat and clean building with plenty of tables. But best of all was the warn, friendly people there, Corey and Morgan and the very pretty counter girl. They are worth the visit!! BOBRQ Bob Conti
bobrq13 @ , 2016-05-19 14:44:19
Lovies BBQ RIBS & pulled pork. They did a nice job with the smoke flavor (had to ask to keep the sause on the side though)
Joe Ashbaugh @ , 2016-05-18 22:58:11
Had 2 plate meal. "Moist" brisket, turkey breast,, macaroni salad, Coke slaw. Overall a terrible meal 1). brisket was maybe 3/4" tall and very chewy. Flavor was okay but a bear to eat. Turkey was hit and miss. One piece succulent while next was dry. I tried to use Bbq sauce but could not get over the sour cherry taste it gave to the meat. The Coke slaw was basically sweetened kimchi which is not what I was looking for. The only bright spot was macaroni salad which had good and typical flavor or this dish. I looked in back at slab and you could tell it was dry from where I was. So 1 out of 5 for me. Everyone in there was getting the chopped beef special. Maybe I should have tried it but if came with nasty Bbq sauce I would have to skip it. Busy as hell. Don't know why.
Terry r @ Ed’s Smok-N-Q, 2016-05-18 18:08:02
We've hesitated for a long time going to a "highfalutin'" barbecue restaurant, but the quality of the food made the stop worthwhile! The brisket was tender with a unique (and very tasty) brown sugar and coffee rub. The maple ribs were perhaps the best ribs I've ever tasted. The jalapeño sausages had an appealing snap. My daughter also thoroughly enjoyed the juicy chicken. The sides were okay but not great. Cardiac alert: the macaroni and cheese was too rich, probably using 50% butterfat cream. ;) The old building was beautifully renovated and preserved. We recommend that you go up market for this place and give it a try!
bbqmeatlover @ Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, 2016-05-17 21:48:43
Stopped in this past Wednesday early. Had some moist brisket, turkey, pork ribs and sausage. Turkey was juicy and tender with a peppery flavor. The moist brisket was outstanding as usual, probably one or the best in Texas. Really enjoyed the ribs. The jalepeno sweet sauce is fantastic!!! Great experience as usual
bobrq13 @ Louie Mueller Barbecue, 2016-05-15 17:46:26
Outstand! I love this place. I picked up the pulled pork (juicy, smokey, & just perfect). The 1/2 slab of ribs were solid. I'll be back soon!
Joe Ashbaugh @ Pig N Chik BBQ, 2016-05-15 15:07:45
It's been a while, looking forward to a refresher.
Wade Edington @ Gatlin’s BBQ & Catering, 2016-05-14 22:42:25
Adequate. Not as good as the last time I was here. Brisket was dry and the sausage is so processed.
bbqueen @ Longhorn Cattle Company Barbecue and Steak Restaurant, 2016-05-14 19:35:39
Adequate. Not as good as the last time I was here. Brisket was dry and the sausage is so processed.
bbqueen @ Longhorn Cattle Company Barbecue and Steak Restaurant, 2016-05-14 19:35:37
First time here. Ordered lean brisket and it was still nice and moist. Had a good flavor, but could use a little more smoke. The mild sauce is pretty good, but prefer the spicy. Not too hot and helped the brisket flavor. Sausage pretty good, but a little too fatty for me. I prefer lean. Also could use a little more flavor. Cole slaw and loaded potato salad both good. I'll be back.
Kenny G @ The Shack Bar-B-Q, 2016-05-14 18:05:34
This used to be my go to place when's visited Austin, I only went because another pit master told me to give him a try again. I was totally disappointed. The brisket was not edible at all. It was so dry I could not even chew it. The ribs were not much better. It' s too bad I was told he was an artist and I guess he doesn't do Monday's
bobrq13 @ John Mueller Meat Co., 2016-05-13 04:54:05
Two polish sausage sandwiches and beans both great @ Angelo’s Bar-B-Que, 2016-05-12 23:32:59
Stopped by this past Monday around 11am. I ordered the beef rib, brisket, and pork rib. The pork rib was fall off the bone tender with nice pepper and a slight hint of sweetness, I really enjoyed it. The brisket was outrageous as was the beef rib. I really enjoyed my meal, was a great place to sit and eat
bobrq13 @ Terry Black’s Barbecue, 2016-05-12 17:11:06
Great moist brisket today! And deviled eggs too!
David Monasmith @ Old 300 BBQ, 2016-05-12 16:48:03
Visited Opie's this past Tuesday, got there early and was ready to eat!! Ordered brisket, pork loin, baby back ribs and cheddar and jalepeno sausage. The pork loin was delicious moist and tender, the sausage was outstanding, polish style plenty of heat and cheese. The baby backs were a bit dry around the edges but the flavor was great. The brisket was delicious. I liked the bark and it was so tender and moist, it had a very beefy flavor. Of course I tried the tater tot casserole and it was outstanding. It's always worth the drive here
bobrq13 @ Opie’s Barbecue, 2016-05-12 04:02:43
Went there Mother's Day to pick ups one Prime Rib for my daughter-in-law, of course I got some brisket and jalepeno and cheddar sausage. Everyone enjoyed all the meat. The prime rib was outstanding, tasty and tender. Brisket and sausage was outstanding too. The long line moves fast and we were all happy on Mom's day
bobrq13 @ Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que, 2016-05-10 06:56:47
Been. Brisket great. Heavy heavy smoke. Live music.
Bisonesque @ Opie’s Barbecue, 2016-05-09 02:17:53
@Mickle­thwait Craft Meats. Top tier barbecue without the wait of Franklins - and just down the street. The term "craft meat" is correct. The brisket, chicken and sausage are amazing. The sides are great - my favorites are the jalapeño - cheese grits and the chili beans. Don't be turned off by the word grits - these are like no grits you have had before. The chili beans are a great - a great chili taste. This is my wife's favorite BBQ place and a perfect stop for Mother's Day
bbqmeatlover @ , 2016-05-08 21:58:22
Perfect baby back ribs, tender with a good bark on them. Chicken was done right with a smoky flavor. Brisket was dry as jerky, not sure on that miss. Sides are excellent. 2nd time here, will try the brisket again.
Grillsargeant @ A Little BBQ Joint, 2016-05-08 18:33:06
Great location. Fantastic view of the hill country if you sit on the deck. The two headed bull at the entrance is great. Unfortunately, the brisket and turkey were not great. Although we did like the devil led eggs
bbqmeatlover @ The County Line, 2016-05-08 14:44:37
Came at 3pm; limited food menu from 230-530 so take note for future. Got the one meat plate twice (lol) and got brisket and hot link. Brisket was solid; lacked smokiness and bark of traditional wood fired cooked brisket. Hot link was solid also; wasn't hot for me. Collard greens with bacon was best ever for me; potato salad and Jicama slaw were good also. Atmosphere is super cool; it's definitely fancy BBQ but worth checking out.
Rahul Yaratha @ Lamberts Downtown Barbecue, 2016-05-06 21:03:58


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