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SideKick Ranking 01

A Ranking of Texas BBQ Sides

It began as a friendly meal. I had invited my colleague Christiane, to a barbecue lunch. I really just needed an extra stomach, but a shared meal turned into a debate. It began when she called the combination of beans, potato salad, and coleslaw the “Texas trinity.” I spit out my brisket to remind her that term already has a place in the Texas barbecue lexicon, and it refers to meat. Specifically, the trinity is brisket,…

BBQ News: 12/16 – 12/22

– Barbecue deflation at Snow’s BBQ: The 10 best things I ate in 2016. — Danny Chau (@dannychau) December 20, 2016   – The Today Show sent a crew to Austin to see how they cook the barbecue at Franklin.  – Munchies highlights the 6 best barbecue joints around Austin.  – Here’s the early word on the barbecue at the new EastSide Tavern in Austin.  – Guitar art imitates barbecue: Guess we shoulda called it…

Fried Sides Hitch N Post

Best Fried Sides in Texas

With this week being Sides Week on TMBBQ, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite sides that aren’t always in the Texas barbecue spotlight. Every joint serves slaw, beans, and potato salad, but not all of them have a fryer. That’s why it feels like a special occasion when onion rings or hand cut fries are on the menu.  With confident pretension, I often ask of the fried okra, “is it hand-breaded?” There’s only so…

BBQ Pinto Beans 09

Pressure Cooker Pinto Beans

Memphis, Kansas City, and Boston have their sweet baked beans, but in Texas, we prefer pintos, and we prefer them savory and a little spicy. Pinto beans have become a pretty typical mainstay on barbecue joint menus, likely because the canned kind is cheap and easy to buy. And, even out of the can, they’re pretty good, but it’s hard to compare with a batch cooked from dry beans. For many, the idea of soaking the…

Flores BBQ 04

Flores Barbecue

In June, Michael and Hali Wyont celebrated the grand opening of Flores Barbecue. They were in San Marcos, Michael’s hometown, with a new business and a baby on the way. “We weren’t in a prime location,” Michael told me as he sliced brisket inside their barbecue trailer. They also faced stiff competition in town from established names like Hays Co. Bar-B-Que and Kent Black’s BBQ. So, after the baby was born, Michael and Hali decided to try out opening up in Hali’s…

Gooseneck Final 01

Cracking Gooseneck

A couple months back I served the worst version of barbecue that I’d ever cooked. The guests were warned my smoked beef gooseneck was an experiment, but it the result was just plain bad. The meat shredded apart into dry flakes. The cut, technically a bottom round flat, looks like a brisket, weighs as much as one, and even has a fat cap—but that’s where the similarities end. The previous attempt at bottom round flat was a failure…

BBQ News: 12/09 – 12/15

– This blast from Jim Henson’s past may make you miss your mama’s barbecue:   – J C Reid of the Houston Chronicle samples the new-school barbecue at Pinkerton’s. – Just in time for a Houston Super Bowl, a bunch of new restaurants are opening in downtown, including Bud’s BBQ Pitmaster. – The Travel Channel’s Barbecue Bliss episode ranked the 8 best barbecue joints in the country, and they gave Corkscrew BBQ in Spring the…

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