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BBQ News: 08/07 – 08/13

– After a steady fall, the Texas cattle inventory is on its way back up. It’s already ticked up 6% compared to last year’s numbers, which represents the first increase since 2005. – A man in Waco tried to steal some brisket from a local grocery store. The police intervened, and he pulled a knife. They shot the man who passed away in the hospital. – Here’s a closer look into the troubled life of…

Bodacious Longview 01

Bodacious Bar-B-Q (Longview)

I’ve tried to eat at the original Bodacious Bar-B-Q in Longview for years. The first time I struck out because I didn’t realize they were only open three days a week. The next try they were on vacation, and another time there just wasn’t anyone there. I learned later that after more than five decades of running it Roland Lindsey had fallen ill and closed the place. The closure was temporary, but indefinite. That is,…

A Few More Influential Pitmasters

Last week I had the honor of being included in a list amongst a group of barbecue folks who I greatly admire. The list was entitled America’s Most Influential BBQ Pitmasters and Personalities. Those listed, at least the top ten, were all very deserving of recognition. Many of them are people I count as friends, but one thing struck me the first time I glanced through the list. They are all white – all eleven….

BBQ News: 07/31 – 08/06

– From the Austin American Statesman: Austin is not banning barbecue. – “The city of Austin’s Health and Human Services Committee said a recommendation for a city-wide ordinance on barbecue smoke will not come from them.” – Politifact looks into the claim: NIGHTCAP: Austin isn’t banning barbecue restaurants. And Rush Limbaugh’s claim caught fire. — PolitiFact Texas (@PolitiFactTexas) August 5, 2015   – Someone took this video of Austin council member Ellen Troxclair…

Interview: Kevin Bludso of Bludso’s BBQ

Owner/Pitmaster: Bludso’s BBQ; Opened 2008 Age: 50 Smoker: Steel offset smoker and gas-fired rotisserie smoker Wood: Red oak, pecan, apple, and mesquite charcoal Kevin Bludso’s roots are in Compton, but he earned his barbecue chops in Corsicana, Texas. His great aunt, Willie Mae Fields, ran a semi-legal barbecue business at a local gas station on the weekends. Every summer, Kevin’s parents shipped him out of Compton to Corsicana to stay in the country with his aunt, and he gradually…

BBQ Veggies 01

Not Your Average Vegetables

I was eating the third of several courses at a Texas Monthly dinner hosted by Chris Shepherd at Underbelly in Houston. On the family-style platter were meaty ribbons of beef belly (smoked by Ronnie Killen) topped with a chile mostarda. Underneath were bright orange carrots with a black crust. They were tender on the outside, but still crunchy inside. The flavor was intensely sweet, but it was the rushes of barbecue flavor that knocked me back….

Not Just Q 01

Not Just Q

Eric Hansen has been passionate about barbecue for years, but his new barbecue food truck, Not Just Q, started smoking last April. If Hansen’s name is familiar, it might be because it was included in most every announcement relating to the Slow Bone’s opening in Dallas. His stint as the pitmaster there was short lived. Call it professional differences, but Hansen decided to launch a barbecue business of his own. News of the new barbecue trailer in…

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