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BBQ News: 09/09 – 09/15

– How to roast a whole cow: This is what it’s like to roast a 1,000-pound cow: — MUNCHIES (@munchies) September 15, 2016   – Smith “Smitty” McArthur of Smitty’s BBQ in Brownwood passed away. The Brownwood Examiner penned this obituary.  – Parade Magazine profiled John Markus of BBQ Pitmasters fame, and collected some barbecue tips from him and his buddies.  – Miguel Vidal of Valentina’s in Austin: Comfort food at @Valstexmexbbq in…

Kerlin Corn 01

Smoked in Texas: Smoked Corn at Kerlin BBQ

Kerlin BBQ in Austin has been known for their ribs and brisket since opening in 2013, but Bill and Amelis Kerlin really made a splash with their smoked-meat kolaches. Those have been so much of a hit that soon  they’ll have a dedicated kolache truck. I must admit that the savory pastries had become a bit of a distraction for me during my last several visits here, but I recently stopped in for lunch and found one of…

Big O BBQ 05

Big O’s BBQ

“What are butter fires?” I asked the server. There was a big table waiting to order behind me, and she responded succinctly: “They’re fries with melted butter poured on top.” Thus began my more-decadent-than-usual meal at Big O’s BBQ in Valera. Big O’s is the only establishment in tiny Valera, a town with a population too small to print on the city limit sign. The place isn’t too big, either. The single restroom is labeled as “transgender” with…

BBQ News: 09/02 – 09/08

– Tickets to the Texas Monthly BBQ Festival go on sale at 10:00am today. – Meat Fight has announced its chef competitors for the event later this year. Tickets go on sale on 10/04. – Pig Stand #41 is likely to be demolished: New owner plans to demolish Beaumont’s iconic Pig Stand via @houstonchron — Ken Fountain (@kenfountain) September 7, 2016   – offers this nudge for a focus on the ample bar…

Dylans BBQ Saloon 01

Dylan’s Barbeque Saloon

Bryan Mahoney was a catering veteran with a barbecue itch. When Dylan Johnson, the co-owner of Milo’s Bar in Arlington, called about a potential partnership for a bar and barbecue joint in Dallas, Mahoney was in. They opened the doors to Dylan’s Barbeque Saloon nearly a year ago, with Johnson running the bar and Mahoney manning their new custom-built smoker. Dylan’s Barbeque Saloon sits along the busy Northwest Highway, west of I-35, just before the turn-in…

Smoke Breakfast 04

Smoked in Texas: Breakfast at Smoke

Barbecue for breakfast in Texas usually means an old time smokehouse that happens to open early. Whether it’s a ring of sausage and a Dr Pepper at Smitty’s in Lockhart or the whole menu at Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, you can find breakfast if you look hard enough (though the only eggs you’ll usually get are in the potato salad). Things are different at Smoke in Dallas. The Saturday and Sunday brunch have become one…

BBQ News: 08/26 – 09/01

– Texas Tech study shows that antibiotic-resistant bacteria from cattle feedlots can be spread by the Panhandle winds. – The most important meal: Breakfast taco perfection from @Valstexmexbbq — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) August 30, 2016   – USA Today scoured the country looking for the best barbecue and published their findings in a new list.  – Delish says these are the best barbecue joints in each state.  – CNN takes a world tour…

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