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Little Miss BBQ 10

Little Miss BBQ

At 10:00am, the sun seemed nearly at full strength in the desert. One man had unfolded a chair and sat next to the door waiting for it to open. By the time it did, a line stretched at least forty deep, and the parking lot was so full that some cars sat idling in the aisles. It was 11:00am at Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, Arizona, and this crowd was here for a taste of Texas….

BBQ Books: Spring 2015

The spring of 2015 looks to be bullish on barbecue books. A new one seems to show up in the mailbox every week, and I’ve finally gotten the time to thumb through them. This is by no means a complete list of the barbecue books hitting the shelf this year, but I’ll get to the rest in the future. Title: America’s Best BBQ (Revised Edition) Author: Ardie Davis and Paul Kirk Published: 2015 by Andrews McMeel…

BBQ News: 03/27 – 04/02

- The Austin City Council will discuss the new barbecue smoke resolution in today’s council meeting. – The resolution has been revised from its original version that Aaron Franklin spoke out against on Monday. – The Austin American Statesman covered the resolution as well with comments from additional barbecue joint owners. – BBQ break-in: Watch: Sparks fly as burglar wrenches TV off wall inside @DallasLockhart Same guy hit @zolisnypizza too @NBCDFW — Ben Russell…

Franklin BBQ Book 01

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Aaron Franklin is giving us the keys to his barbecue kingdom. Some of his meat smoking secrets have already been leaked via his YouTube series BBQ With Franklin, and more is to come with a new PBS series of the same name, but his upcoming book puts it all out there. Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto is a detailed instruction manual on how to copy the entire operation at one of the country’s most well…

Chucks BBQ Burgers 01

Chuck’s Bar-B-Q and Burgers

“The good smell in Evadale” is the tag line painted on a wooden fence beside Chuck’s Bar-B-Q and Burgers which sits about thirty minutes north of Beaumont. Folks say the local paper mill produces a stench, and the smoke from owner Chuck Howard’s pit is sometimes the only relief. I didn’t get a whiff of any pulp, but the “burger” end of the name is what perfumed the dining room just after the lunch hour….

BBQ News: 03/20 – 03/26

- A Missouri State Senator has begun a so-called Pork Steak Rebellion to rail against the EPA, claiming that they are trying to take away our grills. – The Daily Kos and Meathead Goldwyn provide some clarification about the EPA study, which is actually a little less dire. – However, you may want to attend the 04/02 Austin City Council meeting to share your opinion about Item #12 on the agenda that would require barbecue…

Interview: LeAnn Mueller of La Barbecue

Owner: La Barbecue; Opened 2012 Age: 42 LeAnn Mueller hails from a famous barbecue family, but all she ever wanted was to be a professional photographer. Now she has the photography career and one of the state’s most highly regarded barbecue joints, which is ironic for someone who wanted nothing to do with barbecue just a few years ago. Mueller grew up in Taylor, Texas with a famous pitmaster for a father, and two future pitmasters…

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