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BBQ News: 01/09 – 01/15

- Eater food critic Bill Addison went all over the country looking for the 38 best restaurants in the U.S. The list included a Texas barbecue joint: Austin’s @FranklinBbq nabs a spot on @Eater‘s #national38 — Eater Austin (@EaterAustin) January 8, 2015   – This week’s Punt, Pass, and Pork from SI’s Andy Staples includes detailed reviews of meals from both Lockhart Smokehouse and Pecan Lodge in Dallas.  – Smoke in Plano is…

Interview: Jamie Geer of Jambo Pits

Owner: Jambo Pits; Opened 2007 Age: 59 Jamie Geer isn’t some one-dimensional competition barbecue cook. After a career in welding, he started building smokers. They were some of the prettiest ones out there, but also made other cooks a lot more competitive. These days you don’t have to look very hard to find a Jambo pit at your local barbecue cook-off. If there are people there who take winning seriously, chances are you’ll see a few…

Barbecue for Breakfast

The history of Central Texas barbecue is shaped by meat markets, and meat markets are open early. Those early hours are still honored by some of the state’s best, so getting a link of smoked beef sausage at City Market in Luling and Smitty’s in Lockhart. Then there’s the Saturday morning breakfast ritual at Snow’s BBQ in Lexington which opens at 8:00am sharp, and Matus Pit Bar-B-Q in nearby Caldwell serves their sausage even earlier,…

Hickory Hill BBQ 02

Hickory Hill BBQ

It was a phone call that brought me back out to Hickory Hill BBQ. It sits along a stretch of State Highway 31, right on the western edge of the East Texas pine curtain. I’d driven by it a few times, but always found it closed, then owner Kerry Shaw called to alert me that I was missing out on the best barbecue in the world. “We’re trying to be number one in the world.”…

BBQ News: 01/03 – 01/08

- Beef prices continue to rise, and brisket is getting even worse. Grub Street, KTRH in Houston, TAMU, and TMBBQ all had a different take on the effects. – Who knows, maybe Irish briskets to the rescue? – Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt has some ideas to help your local BBQ joint stay profitable so they can stick around. – Like we said, it’s getting $$$: Man accused of stealing $2K worth of meat from Austin-area…

Interview: Tom Perini of Perini Ranch Steakhouse

Co-Owner: Perini Ranch Steakhouse; Opened 1983 Age: 71 Smoker: Indirect Heat Wood-Fired Pit Wood: Mesquite Tom Perini cooks with mesquite. It might be in the form of coals for direct heat cooking, or the active flames of burning logs for grilling steaks. That mesquite also fuels an offset smoker for the smoked prime rib served in the restaurant and brisket for Perini’s many catering gigs. “I think the fun thing is that we cook with fire, and it’s not…

BBQ News: 12/19 – 01/02

- “Praying to The Altar of BBQ in Texas” from Trivago. – Carolyn Wells and the KCBS traveled to Europe to help them put on a proper barbecue competition. The article goes into how to judge barbecue along with describing just how popular American cuisine, like barbecue and burgers, has become in Europe. – KTBC in Houston Austin looks at the affects of high meat prices on local barbecue joints. – Beef doesn’t look to be getting…

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