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BBQ News: 11/07 – 11/13

- Here’s why good barbecue joints run out of meat. – The most important employee at a barbecue joint might be the person cutting the meat. – Ronnie Killen and Wayne Mueller are coming to Austin for a barbecue pop-up on 11/17. – A new homemade sausage recipe in Austin: House made sausage!! #BBQ — Valentina’s TxMx BBQ (@Valstexmexbbq) November 7, 2014   – Dave Cathey at the Daily Oklahoman wasn’t going to let…

Kosher Texas BBQ Championship

Tracy Frydberg attended the Kosher BBQ Championship in San Antonio and filed this report: When we eat smoked brisket in Texas, we can stop and thank the Jewish community. Or, at least that connection can be firmly made. As Daniel Vaughn, Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor, noted in a column on the history of smoked brisket, the first mention of the meat in Texas was in a 1910 newspaper ad for a Kosher grocery store in…

Mesquite Wood BBQ 01

Mesquite Wood Bar-B-Q

I’d like to be able to say more about Mesquite Wood Bar-B-Q, but the items available from the smoker the day I stopped in didn’t allow for it. I stood perusing the menu on the small porch at the ordering window that faces Drake Street. A few blocks south the county road disappeared into the foothills. The smell of smoke surrounding the place was unmistakable.   Iraan is out there. It sits a ways off I-10…

BBQ News: 10/31 – 11/06

- Not your average backyard barbecue: How to barbecue a whole steer: @GGBeristain @ParaleloN — Robb Walsh (@robbwalsh) November 1, 2014   – Brian Williams talks to David Letterman about his love for the Salt Lick BBQ.  – KLRU in Austin is seeking funding for another season of BBQ With Franklin on YouTube. The plan is then to produce a barbecue-centric television show with Franklin.  – Micklethwait Craft Meats in Austin will be the…

Interview: Billy Ray Nelson of Hitch-N-Post BBQ

Owner/ Pitmaster: Hitch-N-Post BBQ; Opened 2009 Age: 64 Smoker: Wood-fired Indirect Heat Smoker Wood: Hickory, Red Oak, White Oak & Pecan After he retired from his duties as a Polk County sheriff’s deputy, Billy Ray Nelson decided to turn his hobby into a retirement plan. He opened Hitch-N-Post BBQ five years ago, and it’s part restaurant and part antique store given all the tchotchkes hanging on the patio. I’m not sure how those items are selling, but the barbecue business is good….

Ten 50 BBQ 11

Ten 50 BBQ

Larry Lavine has been an accomplished restaurateur in Dallas for decades, but he’s best known for founding the Chili’s chain in the seventies. He sold the business thirty years ago, even before baby back ribs ever made it to the menu, and now he’s in the brisket game. After plenty of R&D and a lengthy renovation of a building between Highway 75 and the DART line, Lavine’s newest restaurant, Ten 50 BBQ (named for the address)…

BBQ News: 10/24 – 10/30

- The Daily Show filmed in Austin this week. The Monday episode started with an homage to the show Dallas in the intro, and featured Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue among other notable Austinites. – Later in the show, correspondent Jordan Klepper showed off the barbecue lei that he received form the airport. – Food TV personality Alton Brown came to Dallas for a live show that used some Pecan Lodge brisket. – The smoked…

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