Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que

1203 Bennett
Marlin, TX 76661

Phone: 254-883-5770
Hours: Thur-€“Sat 10-€“8

Opened 2000
Pitmaster Bennie Washington
Method Mesquite, post oak, and a little pecan; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip Whup was the owner's father.

TMBBQ Rating: 4

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50

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May 16, 2013

You’ll smell Whup’s long before you see it, and despite signage and GPS, you’ll probably miss the left turn that you have to make from Business State Highway 6. This cozy joint is not so much off the beaten the path as on it: a small, tidy house on a potholed dogleg road that’s dotted with condemned, deteriorating shacks. Not so the home of Bennie Washington’s sister, which is next door to his restaurant and…

May 21, 2008

No, this is not some newfangled, Aussie-inspired, Marlin-born culinary calamity. Have no fear, smoked kangaroo is not a featured menu item. “Boomerang,” in this instance, is meant to indicate that you’ll be so satisfied you’ll come back. Turns out there’s truth in advertising. Whup’s is tidy and small, but there is no indoor seating, so enjoy the mesquite-and-post-oak-smoked offerings at one of the three tables under the awning out front, or get it to go.


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We just sampled the brisket, and it was pretty tasty. While we feel bad giving Whup's a 3 out of 5, since all we had was brisket, we couldn't justify higher. The people were nice and friendly. The meat was tender with a decent smoke ring. I like a little more robustness to the crust, but overall, it was much better than other brisket we have had recently.
dirkelps @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que, 2014-12-28 00:34:06
Worth the trip to find it. Almost a time machine
Stephen McHaney @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que, 2014-10-01 04:17:07
Whup’s was very disappointing. I’m honestly not sure how it made the top 50. The brisket was chewy and a bit dry and tough. The sausage had a good, mild flavor. It wasn’t special, but was nice and soft and my favorite part of the sampler plate. The link was just typical. The ribs literally fell off the bone, but didn’t have much flavor crust. It was tasty and tender, though dry and definitely not special. The sauce and sides all appear to be standard store bought stuff. A shack in the middle of nowhere with the big wood pile out front, this is exactly the kind of joint I typically love, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop here again. Overall a C for me.
Scott Jarvis @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que, 2014-07-01 22:05:31
Rib plate was very good !
bigboy @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que, 2014-03-28 14:50:34
Absolutely disgusting. Meat is not fresh and you can taste exactly that. Only thing good was peach cobbler.
John Brotherton @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que, 2013-07-13 12:25:57
Off the beaten path. Worth the trip.
Robert Lerma @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que, 2013-06-28 19:06:34
Don't judge a book by it's cover, this place had fantastic BBQ and great home made sides.
sbtamlett @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Q, 2011-12-04 23:29:39
Good sausage and links. Brisket was underdone and ribs overdone.
BBQ_Snob @ Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Q, 2011-11-12 13:53:31
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February 1, 2012

This is a tiny joint in a small town with a compact patio and a tight parking situation. I was momentarily trapped between another car and a sleeping dog in the narrow drive that leads past the smoker to the gravel road behind the joint. Orders are taken at a window on the patio that has just a couple of tables. Traffic in and out of the driveway is brisk given that most of the customers are taking their orders to go. We took our order to one of those small tables and enjoyed a rhythmic basketball bouncing serenade at the hands of a ten year old throughout the entire meal.

The brisket and ribs were a contrast in texture. The rib meat fell from the bone when lifted from the box while the brisket was tough and chewy. The slice of beef looked great with a nice smokering and black crust, but it was undercooked. The overcooked ribs lacked seasoning and good smoke.

The best items were the hot links and sausage. Sausage was the same as they used at the Que Shack, but the smoke had been put to this one. The casing had a great snap, and the links were moist, but not too fatty. Hot links had the unnecessary red food coloring, but they didn’t have that awful hot dog texture. The spice was good with a depth beyond straight heat.

The chicken looked good, but was pretty sad. The skin was limp and chewy with an acrid and unpleasant smokiness. The meat beneath had a good smokiness, but every bit of it was dry, even the dark meat. Not event the over-sweet sauce could save it.

(This review originally appeared on Full Custom Gospel BBQ.)


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  • MRL says:

    If the owner of this joint is reading this, that’s a pretty embarassing spelling error in what I assume is your hand-painted sign, in case you’re not aware of it.

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