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by Daniel Vaughn · February 5, 2014

Aaron Franklin specs

Pitmaster, pit builder, television star, dad – these all define Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue. By next year you’ll also be able to call him an author. Not only was his new television series with KLRU announced two weeks ago, but now comes a book deal with Ten Speed Press. The working title is simply BARBECUE.

Here are further details from the press release:

“Celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Franklin Barbecue—winner of Texas Monthly’s coveted “Best Barbecue Joint in Texas”—Aaron Franklin’s BARBECUE, a meat-smoking manifesto featuring stories and recipes, chapters on the theory and philosophy of Texas barbecue, tips for building or hacking your own backyard smoker, how to source and cure wood, and much more to be written with James Beard Award-winning author Jordan Mackay, to editor Emily Timberlake at Ten Speed Press by Franklin’s agent David Hale Smith at Inkwell Management LLC.  The book will be published in 2015.”

Now we’ll just have to wait and see how many secrets Franklin plans to reveal. Between the new book, the show, and the upcoming additions to the BBQ with Franklin web series, I’m not sure if he’ll have any left. I guess that’s better for the rest of us.

Full disclosure: Aaron Franklin and I are represented by the same literary agent.



    Gabe Bunch says:

    When will he let us know what’s really being put on those Briskets? ; )

    pacocharte says:

    Let’s put this in perspective, shall we? Mr. Franklin could not be older than 40, and by all accounts is being touted as “a rising star” in the bbq world – So assuming that he, and not a grizzled old pitmaster or someone who has spent the last 45 years traveling not just Texas but the country collecting anecdotes and lessons, will be responsible for the stories, theories and philosophy of Texas bbq, I find it pretty hard to get interested in this.

    TM is in the business of hyping (and overhyping) (mostly Central) Texas bbq. With the popularity of the food and travel cable networks and now the veritable star-worship of local bbq personalities being foisted on us by TM, it’s just become too much. I don’t want to know about the guy behind the pit anymore. I just want to be able to enjoy my damn food.

      Troy Grones says:

      Then go enjoy your food. If you’re not interested in a BBQ book, web series, or TV show, then ignore it all.

        pacocharte says:

        Shame on you Troy Grones. Nobody likes a self-appointed cyber nanny who immediately surfaces to scold any commenter that is even remotely critical of the story.

        The fact of the matter is, that there are numerous people – NOT bbq pit masters or owner-operators – who act in their own self interest when sensationalizing the Texas bbq scene and using their position to make celebrities. If you live anywhere near Austin, it’s pretty damn hard to ignore.

        Case in point – Texas bbq acolytes and promoters like Daniel Vaughn whose livelihoods depend on the bbq sensation/celebrity mill; they serve as free publicity for their friends in bbq, then piggy-back onto the success they help foster.

          npk32 says:

          TM is reporting on BBQ news. It’s not like there’s a buttload of BBQ news to report on.

          Dry your eyes and eat your food pal.

            pacocharte says:

            I’m not your pal, bone-nose, and if you could read for comprehension, you might have understood my point. TM is manufacturing bbq “news” so that TM and its authors will then be able to manufacture more news. See how that works?

            Now go mind your own business.

            npk32 says:

            You cracked the case buddy. Why do you give a crap if TM reviews BBQ restaurants and has a guy aggregate articles about BBQ?

            You think reporting on someone writing a book is “sensationalizing”? You sound insane.

            pacocharte says:

            The only thing cracked is you, bu*thorn. I care because I’m surrounded by this all the time here in Austin. I ask you, Mr. Anonymous – what do YOU care if I have an opinion on it? Some kind of vested interest, maybe? And the need to comment as an anonymous loser?

            Wanna know what really gives you away? Your apparent need to intentionally misrepresent what TM is actually doing. “Aggregate” articles? If that’s your word for “writing articles, staging events, pumping up local bbq pitmasters, starting TV shows, etc.”, then we’re in agreement. Otherwise, you’re just another chucklef**k BBQ scenester who probably has a vested interest in continued free publicity from TM.

            BTW, here’s an example of when this
            sensationalizing nonsense goes too far: The canonization of a certain bbq pitmaster from Taylor, TX. Everyone knows the elephant in the room is that he has never taken care of his own kids (tens of thousands owed in back child support), and owes investors, family and the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars, and further that he doesn’t even follow city ordinances for food preparation and handling – yet the TM BBQ crew keeps enabling him by driving money his way – money which he never uses to make restitution.

            npk32 says:

            Ok so you are insane. I was just checking.

            pacocharte says:

            Ok so you are just bored, know absolutely nothing about things that you proffer commentary on and/or stupid. Just checking.

      Where there's smoke there's q says:

      Give us something worth getting excited about then. What would you recommend instead?

    Joe Lee says:

    I can’t wait for Aaron’s book to come out. I WILL buy a copy. I don’t care how old he is or how long any other pitmaster has been around the guy obviously know his stuff. As far as I’m concerned a book from him is long overdue!

    andy says:

    it’s the only brisket in the world to wait in line for. but that’s part of the fun really. i go by this guide:

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