BBQ News: 02/07 – 02/13

by Daniel Vaughn · February 13, 2014

– Thrillist provided this guide to regional barbecue styles in the US. I do give them credit for realizing that Texas has more than one style, but their description of North Carolina barbecue and claiming that Memphis is known more for pulled pork than ribs makes the whole thing a bit laughable.

– The founder of Chili’s plans to open a barbecue joint in Richardson, Texas called Ten 50 BBQ.

– The Salt Lick has a new commercial airing on the Longhorn Network:

The Salt Lick – Longhorn Network Commercial from Rightfrog Productions on Vimeo.


– The folks who created Head Country BBQ sauce are at odds with the people they sold that recipe to. Now they’re feuding over royalties.

– Meet the men behind Mighty Quinn’s BBQ in New York which is about to get a second location.

– There is now a meat flavored ice cream. Salt & Straw has developed a flavor with bone marrow and smoked cherries.

– The original Stubb’s in Lubbock:


– USA Today loves the ribs at Dreamland in Birmingham, Alabama.

– New York City is getting a real whole hog barbecue joint marking a shift away from the norm of co-opting Texas barbecue traditions.

– A Cajun boucherie is a celebration where a hog is butchered and the entire animal is cooked for the feast. This article goes into detail about the blood sausage (boudin noir) that is made as a result.

– 17th St. BBQ in Illinois is the only barbecue joint to make this list of best chicken wings in the US.

– How quickly can you find “Beef Head?”


– Lockhart, the BBQ Capital of Texas, ranks #29 in Texas Highways rundown of the best travel destinations in Texas.

– Fed Man Walking was impressed during a visit to Schmidt Family Barbecue in Bee Cave.

– The Smoking Ho enjoyed his trip to Pecan Lodge.

– A Meat Emporium in Australia:


– Smoked giraffe, anyone?

– “[G]oat accounts for 70 percent of all red meat consumed worldwide…” and Modern Farmer wants to show you how to roast one in the ground.

– A California beef plant has “a massive recall of nearly 9 million pounds of beef products.”

– BBQ Cologne doesn’t sound like a good idea, but how does it taste?

– The world’s lightest and most portable grill.

– The Brisket House in Houston has added a new menu item:


Jasper’s Bar-B-Que in Waco came away unscathed from a small fire. All was well when I had lunch there yesterday.

– La Kiva in Terlingua and its owner Glenn Felts were featured in the documentary Barbecue: A Texas Love Story in 2004. On February 4th, Felts was found murdered just outside the restaurant, and the suspect is a local river guide.

– A new show on Spike called Hungry Investors was filming at Baby Back Shak in Dallas and Billy’s Oak Acres in Fort Worth.

– The Roaming Gnome enjoyed some Memphis BBQ:


– KWTX in Waco is having BBQ Week. On Day #2, the entire Miller’s BBQ family in Belton was featured on the broadcast.

– You still have a few days left to secure your spot at MEATclub in Waco.

– The Austin Chronicle compares a few Central Texas BBQ joints.

– Jimmy Kimmel came to Austin last weekend and ate a bunch of barbecue.

– From the other coast, some New York food bloggers came down to Lockhart this past week:


– The Texas drought’s effect on Texas BBQ from KUT in Austin.

– The Slow Bone in Dallas is now selling individually wrapped portions of barbecue for reheating at home.

– The fried corn at Off The Bone BBQ in Dallas is featured on the SideDish blog.

Two Podners Bar-B-Que and Seafood in Dallas to expand.

– Charlie Geren, State Representative and owner of Railhead BBQ in Fort Worth, shoveling…


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