BBQ News: 03/06 – 03/19

by Daniel Vaughn · March 19, 2015

– BBQ in Florida has hope. This 4th grader derides the “BBQ” sloppy joes at his school cafeteria:


– The beef supply in 2015 is projected to be the lowest since 1993.

– Some folks upset with the upcoming USDA dietary guidelines, which will likely include recommendations to eat less meat, have started a petition.

– The EPA on limiting emissions from backyard grills: “We expect to limit the overall air pollution PM [particulate matter] emissions from barbecuing and to alleviate some of the acute health hazards that a barbecue pit master can experience from inhalation.”

– The Austin City Council will debate a plan to require pollution controls on barbecue pit exhausts in the city.

– Agree or disagree?


– Houston Fed, Texas Pit Quest, and Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt went on one long BBQ journey. They were less than impressed with Stiles Switch, and owner Shane Stiles wasn’t any more impressed with their assessment in the comment section. 

– Texas Pit Quest also visited The Q Joint in Caney, Texas and filed this review. 

– The Houston Chronicle explains the terms “Kobe” and “Wagyu” when it comes to beef. 

– Serious about cooking with fire?


– After receiving a perfect score in chicken at the Flames on the Flint BBQ competition in Bainbridge, Georgia, Bill Allen suffered a heart attack and passed away.

Glenn Wilke, a pitmaster at Cranky Frank’s BBQ in Fredericksburg passed away.

– A pit transformation:


Stringer’s Lufkin Bar-B-Que celebrates 65 years in business in East Texas. 

Chuck’s BBQ & Burgers in Evadale is profiled in the local paper. 

– Walmart claims their new smoked brisket pizza is “a barbeque-lovers dream.” 

– The Onion has some commentary on rest stop barbecue grills

– Brisket cheesecake is doctor approved:


– Foodways Texas Camp Brisket in College Station has been scheduled for 2016.

Trent Brooks of Brooks’ Place BBQ in Cypress is interviewed by the Houston Press.

BBQ Godfather in Spring is profiled by the local paper.

– Looking for BBQ in Memphis?


Virgie’s BBQ is profiled in a local Houston magazine. 

– Grant Pinkerton looks to open a new barbecue joint inside the loop in Houston. 

Patrick Feges is leaving Killen’s Barbecue and will become the sous chef at Southern Goods in Houston. 

– Barbecue and science at the GE BBQ Research Center:


– Meatopia had a very large, multi-animal rotisserie called the “Deathmobile” at their Miami event.

– A crew from Los Angeles, including LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold, took a Texas barbecue road trip.

– The SXSW barbecue guides for Austin are out, and there’s one from the Smoking HoEater Austin, and a full guide of activities from Full & Content.

– Bon Appetit has their own SXSW BBQ list:


– Smoke in Plano is finding new ways to cook with fire in their new hearth kitchen

– The Plano location of Smoke was just reviewed in the Dallas Morning News and given three stars. 

– After opening its 500th store “Dickey’s will unveil a new prototype in May with an open kitchen and a ‘cool ambiance’ like a gastropub.” 

– This new list of the best barbecue in Dallas has some interesting choices. 

– Eater’s opinion is that barbecue sides are the best sides. 

– The Notorious R. I. B.

The end game in #austin #bbq folks. The NOTORIOUS R.I.B. You can’t handle it. #stilesswitchbbq #austin #bbq

A photo posted by Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew (@stilesswitchbbq) on

– The Texas Monthly Fire & Smoke Dinner is scheduled in San Antonio, and the SA Current has a preview.

Harmon’s BBQ in Cibolo is reviewed by the San Antonio Express-News which found great ribs but inconsistent brisket.

– The Beaumont Enterprise provides this guide to eating SETX style barbecue around the city.

– The Kreuz jalapeño sausage burger is coming:


– Billy Durney of Hometown Barbecue was crowned as the brisket king of New York

– The full lineup of pitmasters for the 2015 Big Apple BBQ Block Party has been announced. 

– Denver’s restaurant scene is seeing a proliferation of smokers

– A new barbecue restaurant from Guy Fieri called Guy’s Bar-B-Que Joint will open in Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino. 

– If you’re already sick of basketball brackets:


Kansas City has a barbecue bracket of their own from the KC Food Guys.

– During the renovations of the Lexington City Hall, a barbecue pit of the city’s first barbecue restaurant was uncovered.

– In Charleston, South Carolina, Southern Living held an event called Cross Culture BBQ.

– Don’t watch this hungry:



    God Zoidberg says:

    Figured it was only a matter of time before the damn EPA and green sycophants started taking aim at backyard grills.

    Worthless bastards.

    Ken Goldenberg says:

    I thought the same thing – another “nanny law” but actually if you read that report it is more of a student-project thing as the EPA cannot regulate backyard bbqs. One idea they came up with is something I have thought about myself. Often on this blog you will read about grease fires the erupt in pits, more often with whole hog pit. I often thought why not put in a “screen” tray just below the grates (that hold the meat) to help prevent the fat from dripping into the coals, thus erupting into a fire. Much the same way Weber does on their gas grills (anti-flare up grates). The approach is simple and inexpensive. Amazing that so many pitmasters have not implemented something like this!

    This is no joke! The EPA NAZIs won’t stopwiththe study. They will use the results to justify getting intoyourbackyard and shut down your cooker. Look at how they are telling us what sort of lightbulb to use that we HAVE to have Heath Isn. The govt won’t stop until thy contol every element and second of ouR lives. Look how local govts. are banning cigarette smoke in outdoor places. Now in Oregon, you can’t smoke in state parks. Outdoors. THEY WILL BE COMING FOR YOUR COOKER!!!!

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