BBQ News: 05/01 – 05/07

by Daniel Vaughn · May 7, 2015

– A Texas pitmaster has been honored by the James Beard Foundation as the best chef in the Southwest region. Congratulations, Aaron Franklin:


– Here’s more on the big win for Franklin and for barbecue in the Dallas Morning News. 

– Aaron Franklin shared his reaction to winning the James Beard award with TMBBQ. 

– The Austin American Statesman also had some things to say about Franklin’s award

– A pretty clear video of some vandals at Pecan Lodge in Dallas:


Someone stole this poster from the bathroom of Pecan Lodge in Dallas, but it wasn’t the people in the photo. 

– A barbecue got out of hand at a San Bernardino apartment building and caused $150,000 in damage

– Hint, they’re not asking about the Salt Lick:


– Now that beef prices are high and the supply is still low, cattle thievery is on the rise, especially in East Texas.

– The Dallas Observer tried Fat Cow BBQ in Lewisville and called it “strip mall barbecue that doesn’t suck.

Smokin’ Guns BBQ in Corsicana made the local paper because I wrote a review about them.

– They’re even playing with barbecue at Harvard:


– Danny Meyer, founder of Shake Shack, credits the great barbecue in Austin as a reason why they chose to expand to Texas. 

– Some details on how the smoker resolution is coming along in Austin. 

– NPR talked to Barry Estabrook about pork production and his new book Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Quest for Sustainable Meat:


– South Carolinian Robert Moss came to Texas to eat some shoulder clod. He wonders why we don’t eat more of it.

– Then Robert Moss talks about the most underrated barbecue in South Carolina.

The American Royal barbecue competition is moving from its long time home beside the Kemper Arena to Arrowhead Stadium.

– Meat Fight is coming:


– On Marc Maron’s WTF podcast (NSFW) he talked a bit about Opie’s Barbecue in Spicewood. “It’s like Disneyland, but all the rides are meat.

– The Smoking Ho reviews Aaron Franklin’s new barbecue book.

– Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch made a barbecue video for Target:

Texas Smoke from Homestead Creatives on Vimeo.


Ten things you didn’t know about barbecue from MSN, except if you read this site you probably know them all.

– Meathead over at Amazing Ribs discusses barbecue rubs, and advocates for salting your meat separately from the seasoning rub.

– You can now buy frozen pizzas at HEB with burnt ends as the featured topping.

– In case you missed the Red Dirt Festival:


– Brooks Place BBQ in Cypress is now serving breakfast

– Babb Bros. BBQ in Dallas has moved to a new location and opened back up this week. 

– The Dallas Observer is fond of the brisket at Heim BBQ in Fort Worth, but they really loved the bacon burnt ends

– And finally, a sad note. Food writer Josh Ozersky passed away earlier this week. Rather than sharing an obituary or one of the many heartfelt remembrances, I leave you with his final blog post. It was about bacon, and he would have wanted you to read it and immediately go eat some hickory smoked bacon:


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