BBQ News: 05/23 – 05/29

by Daniel Vaughn · May 29, 2014

– This month is National BBQ Month, and yesterday was National Brisket Day. Why so limiting?

– Matthew Odam from the Austin American Statesman steps into the barbecue list fray with his Top 10 BBQ Joints in Austin.

– You can also listen to Matthew Odam talk barbecue with Austin’s KUT.

– Black’s BBQ has their new sign up in Austin:


– Black’s BBQ (the Lockhart ones) will also launch a new food truck in Austin soon. 

– Here’s a preview of Kent Black’s BBQ in San Marcos. 

– Terry Black’s BBQ in Austin also has some new signage. “The New Barbecue Capital of Texas,” an obvious swipe at the original Black’s BBQ in Lockhart:


– Time recycled this two year old barbecue cities list from Food & Wine, so we might as well add it to the list.

– USA Today has their list of favorites for Kansas City barbecue.

– John T. Edge provides his picks for the best barbecue in Memphis.

Ten great cities for barbecue from Bustle.

– Gayot has their ten favorite barbecue joints in the country.

– CultureMap Dallas makes the case for Texas BBQ.

– All these best barbecue lists, or really the reactions to them, caused Carey Bringle of Peg Leg Porker to pen a manifesto of sorts.

– I hope the fries will fill me up?


– J.C. Reid reflects on Texas’s “golden age” of barbecue in his column for the Houston Chronicle. 

– Remembering back when Houston’s Fifth Ward was also known as the “Barbecue Ward.” 

– Houston will soon have a new barbecue joint in El Burro & the Bull with John Avila. 

– The Houston Business Journal looks at both new and old barbecue in Houston

– Ronnie Killen of Killen’s BBQ in Pearland shows us how to smoke a brisket:


– Fed Man Walking found eight barbecue sandwiches to love in Austin.

– Fed Man Walking found eight barbecue sauces to love in Austin.

– Fed Man Walking found sixteen barbecue sides to love in Austin.

– Fed Man Walking found eight beef ribs to love in Austin.

– The Smoking Ho visits Brown’s BBQ in Austin and loved the pork ribs.

– You can always try the little-known “fusion style” barbecue in Austin:


– Your summer barbecues are going to get more expensive this summer. 

Beef prices taking a toll in Tennessee: “At the Parson’s Son, a barbecue restaurant in Jonesborough, a sign on the door informs customers that beef brisket is not currently available.” 

– Smoke in Dallas is expanding to Plano with a new location:


– Steven Raichlen shares his love for beef short ribs on his Barbecue! Bible blog.

– Arby’s wanted to prove how serious it was about smoked brisket, so they aired the entire thirteen hours of a brisket cooking to set a Guinness Book of World Records for the longest commercial. They’ll post the full video on their YouTube channel soon.

Williams Sonoma is now shipping pre-smoked barbecue.

– Michael Pollan on barbecue’s role in religion and the eroding sanctity of the meat we eat:


– A North Carolinian comes to Austin for her first taste of brisket, and sets herself up for multiple future disappointments after starting with the incredible brisket at La Barbecue.

– Barbecue historian Robert Moss doesn’t really agree with South Carolina’s assertion that they are the “Birthplace of Barbecue.”

– Destination America puts in a vote for the Carolinas:


– The Big Apple BBQ Block Party named their final pitmaster, and it’s Billy Durney of Hometown Bar-B-Que in Brooklyn.

– Making the case for a uniquely Brooklyn style of barbecue.

– Saveur is hosting their Summer BBQ event in New York, but they forgot to invite a pitmaster.

Myron Mixon on TV personalities embracing barbecue: “People who just years ago would never be associated with barbecue want to be a part of it.”

– President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are holding a barbecue fundraiser in Dallas. I hope that’s some good brisket for $10,000 a plate.

– More BBQ and politics from gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott:


– The Jacksonville, Texas fire chief Paul White is retiring and plans to open a barbecue joint called Chief’s Firehouse BBQ in July. 

South Texas BBQ just opened for business in Mesquite, Nevada. 

Thunder Country 107.1 (Commerce/Sulphur Springs/Bonham) named Fatboys BBQ the best barbecue in their listening area. 

– The San Antonio Current enjoyed a seven-course meal at the Granary, and provided photos of every course.   

– #RealTexans:


– Franklin Barbecue is in the midst of an expansion to their smokehouse area, and the construction will force them to close from 6/23 to 7/7. Plan accordingly.

– Aaron Franklin explains to Eater Austin what to expect from the expansion.

– A look at the Austin Barbecue Society which is “elevating the experience of barbecue.”

– Pecan Lodge opened in Deep Ellum – Dallas Observer version:

Inside the New Pecan Lodge from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.


– Pecan Lodge opened in Deep Ellum – CBSDFW version.

– Pecan Lodge opened in Deep Ellum – WFAA version.

– Pecan Lodge opened in Deep Ellum – Central Track version.

– All that press got Pecan Lodge one heck of a line on their opening day:


– A detailed story on the rise of Diane & Justin Fourton of Pecan Lodge in Dallas from D Magazine. 

– And here’s the backstory on that great Pecan Lodge profile. 

– Maybe Pecan Lodge will make this a regular menu item:


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