BBQ News: 06/17 – 06/23

by Daniel Vaughn · June 23, 2016

– From First We Feast: How the Texas BBQ Boom Marginalizes Its African-American Roots.

– Over this past weekend, Greg Gatlin of Gatlin’s BBQ in Houston made some traditional Beaumont beef links.

– Rock thrower not impressed with Franklin Barbecue:


– Rien Fertel on Rodney Scott: “Barbecue is ‘a gathering,’ he told me, ‘because you rarely find an event without a grill or somebody who is barbecuing or grilling.’” 

Lewis Barbecue is coming to Charleston, South Carolina, and here’s a look at their massive smokers. 

– Toby Rodriguez is planning to take his Lâche Pas Boucherie on a US tour to teach the country about the Cajun tradition of boucherie. They need funding help, and are asking for donations. 

– Of course it is:


– Tasting Table talked to some barbecue experts to piece together a recipe for smoked brisket. We also learn that cookbook author and television personality Steven Raichlen ate his first Texas brisket at Bodacious Bar-B-Que in Longview.

Tillie Hahne, now 91, recalls what it was like preparing barbecue for LBJ on his Texas ranch.

Jess Pryles has made Austin her home partly because of how much she loves Texas barbecue, but she’s not a big fan of John Mueller or of smoked pork in Texas.

– Why is your smoked chicken still pink after it’s cooked?

– The Smoking Ho is on board with Bodacious BBQ:


Spicy Mike’s Bar-B-Q Haven in Amarillo is closed indefinitely due to a fire. 

– A thief stole some metal brands and a bunch of ribs from Two Bros. BBQ. See if you recognize him

– Thieves also hit Cackle & Oink BBQ in Sherman, and police are looking for the three suspects caught on camera. 

– As co-owner Judy battles cancer, the BBQ Shop in Farwell remains closed

– NYC Brisket:


– Famed French chef Alain Ducasse “proclaims that he wants to open a barbecue restaurant next to the American embassy in Paris.”

– Ryan Sutton found a few great underappreciated barbecue items in New York City.

– Rene Ramirez runs Ray’s BBQ in Los Angeles, and does all that he can to replicate the Texas barbecue that he loves.

– Central California barbecue:


– Jimmy Hughes and Brian Turner of Uncle J’s BBQ in Chicago talked to Eater about Southside barbecue. 

– If you’ve ever been curious about what defines Georgia-style barbecue, I haven’t found a better explanation than from Marie, Let’s Eat! 

– Chef Adam Perry Lang provides some meat grilling tips, and announces that he has a barbecue joint coming to LA next year. 

– A guide to eating BBQ in Lockhart:


– KENS in San Antonio visited local barbecue joint Burnt Ends to try the whole menu.

– Over on KSAT in San Antonio, they like their barbecue too. Barbecue Station is their featured barbecue joint.

– These are the best barbecue sandwiches in Austin, according to Eater.

– Get some raw meat knowledge:


– I helped Eater select the 23 essential barbecue dishes across the country

– A Brief History of the Wet-Nap, Barbecue Sauce’s Worst Nightmare

– Nick Solares teaches us how to eat a beef short rib at Black’s BBQ in Lockhart. 

– On Cleveland-style barbecue:


– The Dallas Observer found a lot to like at One90 Smoked Meats in Dallas.

– Eater provides this photo essay of the line and the food at Dallas’s Cattleack Barbecue.

– The fried chicken at The Slow Bone in Dallas gets some love from the Dallas Observer.

– Lucky Peach spends a day with the most famous butcher in the world:


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    RockportDon says:

    I arrived in Central Texas in the late 60s. At that time, if you wanted good BBQ in Austin, you would visit one of the Black owned BBQ joints in East Austin.

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