BBQ News: 06/26 – 07/02

by Daniel Vaughn · July 2, 2015

– Stubb’s barbecue sauce sold for $100,000,000 and TM’s Dan Solomon has the story.

– CHD Expert provides some interesting industry numbers on the impact of barbecue joints in the country’s restaurant landscape.

– Steven Raichlen is back with a new barbecue show called Project Smoke.

– Some good looking Texas barbecue in Richmond, Virginia:

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em – ZZQ Web Extra from Richmond Magazine on Vimeo.


– Mark your calendars. Tickets go on sale soon for the Foodways Texas popular Brisket Camp.

Texas Barbecue Week is coming soon. Check here for the specials around the state. A purchase of any will benefit Foodways Texas.

– The Midland Reporter-Telegram profiles Junior Urias who has competed on BBQ Pitsmasters.

– A North Texas racing team has a new barbecue rub sponsor:


Barbecue joints in Dallas get a lot of love in this list of great food destinations in Texas. 

– They’ve got smoked brisket enchiladas in Fort Worth. 

– A prospective barbecue joint owner in Keller is looking for some help from Kickstarter to get open. 

– Sad news that Scott Lewis, owner of Fort Worth’s Soda Springs Bar-B-Q, has passed away. 

– No more brisket grilled cheese:


– The Houston Chronicle profiles Blood Bros. BBQ and their menu which often includes unique items like gochujang beef belly burnt ends.

– The Woodlands just north of Houston is losing a couple barbecue joints when they relocate soon.

– They did a little barbecue and wine pairing event down in Houston. Here are the results.

– The Smoking Ho re-reviews Killen’s Barbecue, and it doesn’t disappoint.

– Who invented the BBQ chicken pizza?


Roumanouskas Deli, from the owner of Micklethwait Craft Meats, will open tomorrow in Austin.

– Austin Way Magazine lists their favorite local barbecue joints

– Austin Way oddly left La Barbecue off the online list, but they get their own sidebar in the print edition. 

– These are the ten best barbecue joints in San Antonio according to TABELog. 

– I talked to the Texas Standard about barbecue beef cuts other than brisket

– I guess you don’t learn much about barbecue in Wisconsin:


– Philly Magazine gives their list of best barbecue sides because they say, “A truly great barbecue joint should be judged by how it handles dishes other than its main attraction.”

– Eat all of America’s barbecue styles in New York City.

– Thrillist pokes some fun at the idea of Cleveland style barbecue.

– The Charleston Brown Water Society in South Carolina has brought together some barbecue talent for their event next week.

– Stephen Perrin clarifies some barbecue misconceptions in the Huffington Post.

– Jerk baby backs from NYC:


– Robert Moss looks at the important history of barbecue in our Fourth of July celebrations

– These twelve women have been as influential as anyone in the world of barbecue. 

– These are the best barbecue joints in Chicago according to TimeOut. 

– Chemistry is cool, people:


– The headline says this is a list of the 17 best barbecue joints in the country, but it’s simply a list of the vendors at the Big Apple BBQ Block Party.

– As it was quickly pointed out, the suggestion by the Tasting Table to smoke meat in your oven is not a good one.

One person is dead and 200 have come down with symptoms of Salmonellosis after eating tainted meat at Tarheel Q in Lexington, North Carolina.

– If you look close, the article on this London barbecue joint says It “makes most barbecue efforts look pathetically prehistoric.”


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    Ken Goldenberg says:

    RE Stubb’s BBQ Sauce:
    How great for that family!
    Considering, at according to Wikipedia that Christopher Stubblefield, Sr was the son of a sharecropper and picked cotton himself, that he built a respected company and brand worth $100 million! WOW!

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