BBQ News: 07/01 – 07/07

by Daniel Vaughn · July 7, 2016

– Brisket in NC was the meal for President Obama at Midwood Smokehouse:


– A Houston blogger ordered enough smoked meat at La Barbecue for five or six people, then complained that it cost $100. 

– A woman was poisoned by an industrial cleaner in her iced tea at Dickey’s BBQ. Dickey’s is now suing the company who makes the cleaner. 

– In a sad highway accident, a barbecue smoker came off its mounting on a camper and collided with a car, killing a man. 

– Would you eat beef from cloned cattle?


– The Collaboration of Smoke Dinner is coming to Houston on 7/18. It features Wesley Jurena of Pappa Charlie’s BBQ, Patrick Feges, and Erin Smith.

– TJ’s Seafood Market in Dallas is hosting the Sea to Smoker barbecue event on 7/24.

– It looks like there’s good barbecue in Denver:


– Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Morning News wonders why nobody is going to one of his favorite barbecue joints

Cattleack BBQ in Dallas has reopened after a renovation and addition. 

– Daniel Delaney of Brooklyn’s Delaney BBQ does some indoor smoking for Munchies. 

– They mean KCBS competition barbecue:


– These are the Daily Mail’s five best Dallas barbecue joints.

Guns Up BBQ and the Smoking Ho were in attendance at the grand opening celebration at Evie Mae’s BBQ in Lubbock.

– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt has found some great deals on beef ribs in Houston.

– John Lewis provides some brisket tasting notes:


– J C Reid looks at the history of barbecue used as a lure for railroad development in the US. 

– Goodtaste TV highlights the barbecue at the Brisket House in Houston. 

– Business Insider has ranked their list of the fifty best barbecue joints in the country. 

– Southern Living’s Robert Moss updates his barbecue list:


– Then Moss goes on to describe how editors can skew the intention of barbecue lists elsewhere.

– Rien Fertel listed some of his favorite joints in the Carolinas for Time.

– I also penned a list of great Central Texas barbecue spots for Time.

– Bugger off, indeed:



    CamdenFlash says:

    I’m with the Houston blogger – those must have been some might fine bottles of water.

    Comparing the photo the blogger shared with the spread featured in the 6/27 Eater Denver tweet you embedded, that Denver BBQ must have been in the $700-$900 range.

    Charles Tuppen says:

    Re: Mac’s Barbecue article

    With all due respect for Mr. McDonald, and I certainly wish him the best, he put his place up for sale with a sign which turns off potential customers (why bother to try a new place, maybe like it, only to find it is sold and closed the next time you go there?), he refuses to use the most rudimentary FREE advertising on Facebook claiming he has no time (he’ll have plenty of time when he is broke due to a lack of customers), and, in spite of being advised by Mr. Vaughn how to improve his product for modern Q lover’s tastes, he does nothing. It’s no wonder he has few customers, he might as well be selling buggy whips.

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