BBQ News: 09/20 – 09/26

by Daniel Vaughn · September 26, 2013

– Two weeks ago the Carnivore’s Ball was held in Austin. It was a great party with barbecue from John Mueller. These photos by Robert Strickland will make you wish you were there.

– The TCU football team is playing for more than just the game this weekend. If they win, the entire Fort Worth City Council gets a catered meal from Pecan Lodge. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings agreed to pay for it in a bet with the Fort Worth mayor who’s on the hook for a catered lunch from Joe T. Garcia’s if SMU wins.

– This weekend includes a bevy of barbecue events. In Fort Worth is the Beer, Bourbon & Brisket Festival.  Austin is hosting both Gettin’ Sauced and Austoberfest.



– Fed Man Walking shows some love to Pieous in South Austin for their homemade pastrami. That’s cured and smoked brisket for the uninitiated.

– In this wrap-up of last weekend’s Feast Portland event in Oregon, the secret to Franklin Barbecue’s brisket is revealed – unicorn lard.

– Peggy Sue BBQ in Dallas is tempting us with a new menu item. Burnt ends are coming soon:

News Peggy Sue


– Thrillist named their Top 33 BBQ Joints in the country. This was a better list than most with some obvious thought into the choices. Of course there are a few duds, but Texas is very well represented with ten of the selections.

– Ardie Davis took up the cause of barbecue inclusivity with a rant about barbecue dogma. “[U]nder the big barbecue tent where there’s room for competition barbecuers, backyard barbecuers, old-timers, newbies and hogmatists.”

– Robb Walsh of Houstonia Magazine chimes in on the rise of the beef rib on Texas menus.

– Can you say Whole-Hog-on-a-Stick?


– You can catch a few glimpses of la Barbecue’s John Lewis in this trailer for a new show called Bite This. The Austin episode was a couple of days ago, but look for it in your DVR. Here’s a show recap.

– A very detailed guide to creating your own meat lollipops.

– What looks to be an incredible barbecue event (albeit in South Carolina) called Cook it Raw is coming up next month  Chef Sean Brock is hosting. He’s a fine dining chef with a love for barbecue. In this interview he says this is his career dream: “I want to have a farm where I can raise Chinese pugs, where I can do whole-hog barbecue.”

– Mississippi culinary legend Leatha Jackson, owner and founder of Leatha’s Bar-B-Que Inn, passed away at 90.

– Nick Pencis is a barbecue man now, but he was once a full-time drummer. Tomorrow he’s getting the band back together.


– Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue has also expanded their menu and hours.

– The Hub City BBQ Cook Off will be held in Lubbock tonight.

– Then, on Friday and Saturday you can hit the Hill Country for the Burnet BBQ Cook-off & Music Festival.

– I do not want to live in China. See the headline below:

News China BBQ


– Maybe Oklahoma City finally has a great barbecue joint.

– Bob’s Texas BBQ is trying to bring good barbecue to Boise.

– Even Chicago food critics know how the brisket should be sliced.

– There was a fire at the Creekstone Farms beef plant in Kansas.

– Remember that salmonella outbreak at the North Carolina church barbecue from last week? The number affected is now up over 100.


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