BBQ News: 10/02 – 10/08

by Daniel Vaughn · October 8, 2015

– No more freelance line-standers at Franklin Barbecue:

– On the same day, the Supreme Court also enforced a rule against paid line-standers. 

– A man in Longview, Texas was sent to a hospital after being struck by a barbecue pit, then HE was sent to jail. 

– Californians love their Dickey’s Barbecue. It’s the second largest market for Dickey’s chain locations outside of Texas. 

– Hopdoddy getting into the barbecue-as-topping game: 

Martin’s Place in Bryan, Texas is closed temporarily until they get their grease trap repaired.

Texas barbecue and Kansas City barbecue are compared head-to-head by the Houston Chronicle.

– The Houston Chronicle dives into the history of Certified Angus Beef.

– A map to good barbecue in Houston:

– Zagat’s calling this a “first look” at 18th & Vine BBQ, a new Kansas City style barbecue joint in Dallas. 

– Culturemap Dallas also has their take on the chef’s touch at 18th & Vine BBQ. 

– One 90 Smoked Meats has been open for a while in Dallas, but they just held their grand opening celebration this week. 

– At the end of this article, a Dallas Morning News reporter shows himself to be a traitor to Texas

– Find your nearest great sausage:

– The Pitmaster’s Picnic, benefitting Café Momentum, is kicking off on 10/18 in Dallas.

– Cochon 555, a chef’s competition featuring barbecue and whole heritage breed hogs, is coming to Austin on 10/18.

– This Sunday is Southern Smoke in Houston bringing together chefs Chris Shephard and Sean Brock with pitmasters Aaron Franklin and Rodney Scott.

John Mueller’s pit was stolen in Austin, and here’s what was caught on camera:

– There is not one, but two Go Fund Me pages set up for John Mueller’s stolen pit.

– Texas BBQ Treasure Hunt attended Cue for a Cause in Houston and filed this report.

– D Magazine found these scenes at Smoked Dallas over the weekend.

– Heim BBQ in Fort Worth will be trading in the trailer for a permanent location.

– New Yorkers can be so cute:

– The Barbecue Hall of Fame class of 2015 was inducted at the American Royal in Kansas City. One inductee, Steven Raichlen, shared his acceptance speech transcript on his blog. 

– Right on time, True Cue has made its way into South Carolina by verifying the many joints using all wood to cook their barbecue. 

– A pitmaster in South Carolina is bucking the trend, and going from gas cookers to all wood:

– As the price for beef increases, pork is becoming the new, cheaper choice for consumers.

– A third of vegetarians eat meat when they’re drunk, Munchies reports.

– The Tyler, Texas paper published an editorial that was none too happy with the recent CNN article on beef consumption.

– Sad to report that the man who created KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce has passed away:



    Bruce Bjorkman says:

    Sad to learn the passing of Rich Davis, creator of KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce. While on a vacation, he and his wife made a special effort to stop in my hometown to visit with me. A true gentleman. RIP Rich, and thank you for your devotion to barbecue.

    Ken Goldenberg says:

    RE Franklin Ban’s Line Holders:
    I think a better way to do this would be that his team approves a limited number of line holders such as Desmond. But in theory,
    someone could still contact Desmond, give him the order and money, he waits in line then delivers the BBQ and gets paid a fee. Who’s to know?

    Ken Goldenberg says:

    Wow – Didn’t even know Dickey’s BBQ was out here, and it turns out I live close to 3 of them. I know as a chain they are not exactly rated highly, but nice to know they are nearby to give it a try.

    Don O. says:

    Hey Daniel,
    I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this fest yet, I might have missed it, but it is coming up in 2 weeks and is for a very good cause. IBCA sanctioned cookoff with proceeds benefiting Texas Lions Camp in Kerrville. Some good blues bands, too.

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