BBQ News: 10/16 – 10/22

by Daniel Vaughn · October 22, 2015

– Nine more sleeps until the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival in Austin on 11/01.

– Lance Kirkpatrick from Stiles Switch in Austin was on KEYE slicing brisket like the ones they’ll be serving at the Barbecue Festival.

– We released our new list of the 25 Best New (and Improved) BBQ Joints in Texas.

– A new video from 24 Frames profiling Lubbock-area barbecue:
Lubbock BBQ Video
– There’s a Barbecue Town Hall Meeting going down at Texas A&M next month. All involved in commercial barbecue operations are invited.

– The Carnivore’s Ball in Austin is coming up tonight, hosted by Jess Pryles.

– The upcoming Heim Barbecue location in Fort Worth will feature longer hours, beef tallow fries, and kolaches.

– Here’s a look at a test batch of those Heim Barbecue kolaches:


– Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has rolled out a new store design in Dallas at its location on Wycliff. It features a new smoker, a new look, and a pared down menu. 

– Restaurant Business reports that “about half of consumers would consider ordering barbecue sauce for beef (55% ) and pork (54% ) dishes, making it the top ranked sauce flavor for both meats.” 

– Here’s what a trip looks like to the Heim Barbecue trailer:

– The Beaumont Business Journal reports that the demise of Caroline’s Quality and Quantity Bar-B-Cue in Kountze has been greatly exaggerated. 

– Texas Pit Quest files a positive report from the new location of Pappa Charlie’s Barbeque in Houston. 

– Pitmaster Marco Oglesby has left his position at Kreuz Market in Bryan. 

– I shared some Texas BBQ history with the Texas Standard: 

– The Kosher BBQ Championship will be held in Dallas this weekend.

– Here’s another look at a Kosher barbecue from Southern Jews.

– Escape Hatch Dallas checked out the Pitmaster Picnic in Dallas and filed this report.

– Here are a few great places to find fried okra in Dallas, including a couple barbecue joints, but they’re missing some good ones.

– If you’re coming to Meat Fight in Dallas, you’ll be able to bid on a smoker built by this guy:


Franklin Barbecue is planning to add homemade sausage to the menu, and there are a few other things we learned after his interview with Think. 

A smoker was stolen in Castroville. What’s worse is that it was full of meat that was cooking for a funeral. 

– Texas Barbecue Treasure Hunt found some good brisket in Brenham at Truth BBQ

– Guns Up BBQ recounts a barbecue tour he took around Texas with a friend from Italy. 

– Get your BBQ lingo down:


– J.C. Reid of the Houston Chronicle traveled to check out Jack’s BBQ, a Texas style joint in Seattle.

– In Chicago, Lee Ann Whippen has left her restaurant Chicago Q, and chef Art Smith has taken over as pitmaster.

San Francisco is having a barbecue festival this weekend.

– The Texas Standard offers answers to important questions:


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