BBQ News: 11/07 – 11/13

by Daniel Vaughn · November 13, 2014

– Here’s why good barbecue joints run out of meat.

– The most important employee at a barbecue joint might be the person cutting the meat.

– Ronnie Killen and Wayne Mueller are coming to Austin for a barbecue pop-up on 11/17.

– A new homemade sausage recipe in Austin:


– Dave Cathey at the Daily Oklahoman wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of some Franklin Barbecue brisket. “I waited more than four hours in line on a rainy Saturday in October.” 

– Tickets for the Foodways Texas 2015 Barbecue Summer Camp go on sale on 12/10. 

– The Texas Farm Bureau asks sauce or no sauce

– A national feature on the Austin BBQ scene:


– Black’s BBQ celebrated the opening of their new restaurant in Austin.

– Kent Black’s BBQ named best new restaurant in San Marcos.

– According to voters on the Localeur site, these are Austin’s most highly rated barbecue joints.

– Eater National food critic Bill Addison came to Dallas, and left with a new respect for Pecan Lodge.

– Pecan Lodge is a favorite in Dallas:


– SI’s Andy Staples includes a cautionary tale about ribs in Mississippi in this week’s Punt, Pass & Pork. 

– A South Carolina barbecue restaurant chain offered a free appetizer to those who brought in obsolete campaign signs. 

– Chef Tim Hollingsworth has opened a new barbecue joint in L.A., and back in August he had some kind things to say about the barbecue in Austin, especially John Mueller’s

– Delaney Barbecue in Brooklyn plans to open a national barbecue subscription service

– A writer at the Guardian in London marvels at how much their fellow countrymen love American style pulled pork

– Blue Smoke in NYC has a new brisket recipe:


– J.C. Reid of the Houston Chronicle filed this report from the annual cattle auction at 44 Farms in Cameron, Texas.

– Forbes sings the praises of the Salt Lick and their Tempranillo wines.

– A feature on the thirty-year-old The Pit BBQ restaurant in Georgetown.

– He died twice in Iraq, now he cooks BBQ for a living:


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