BBQ News: 11/30 – 12/05

by Daniel Vaughn · December 5, 2013

– La Barbecue has moved…

…and they are up and running at their new location:

– Even though the point of this New York Times article is to show that Austin isn’t all about barbecue and burritos, they still manage to give a shout out to the pork ribs at la Barbecue.

– Aaron and Stacy Franklin were recently asked in a Lucky Peach interview what their end game was. They thought they might just get old and retire, or “maybe we’ll have kids who want it.” Well, that next generation just got started with Vivian Loree Franklin’s birth on Wednesday. Congrats!

– New, expanded hours for Micklethwait Craft Meats in Austin. Wednesday to Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 11am-3pm

– I stand with Gael Greene:


– TMBBQ released three gift guides this week. One for BBQ Stuff, another for Mail-Order BBQ, and the last one for BBQ Books.

– Other barbecue gift guides can be found from Brisketman and Steven Raichlen

– Tectonic shift in the barbecue force, or anomaly?

  – It’s an anomaly right?

 – Oh my God, What is happening?!?!


– Texas A&M’s BBQ class looks at how to build a cinder block pit, then they use it in the semester’s final lecture about smoking a pig.

– The Dickey’s BBQ chain (365 units strong) posted a profit of over $1,000,000 the day before Thanksgiving due to an increased demand for their smoked turkeys and hams.

– From the archives: Listen to Harry Caray’s story of eating a pile of Rendezvous ribs with Elvis.

– Zagat released their restaurant rankings for Austin. Uchi took the top spot, while Louie Mueller Barbecue was #2 and Snow’s BBQ came in at #4. Then Chris Walsh, managing editor of, gets a little confused about Carillon restaurant:


– Zagat also featured Blue Ox BBQ in their list of coffee shops with great food. Blue Ox is situated behind the Buzz Mill coffee shop in Austin.

– To be Certified Angus Beef, the cattle must have a hide that is at least 51% black. Here’s why, sort of.

– A short and sweet history of fake meat.

– The Sirane Group has developed a cooking bag that can go on the grill. Sadly, they’re calling the contents of the bag “barbecue.”

– The Twitter feed for Meyer’s BBQ in Elgin is getting a little saucy:


– Killen’s BBQ is featured in this video travel guide to Houston.

– Killen’s brick and mortar location must be coming soon as they are currently hiring.

– Killen’s is also planning to offer bone-in pork belly spare ribs. That’s a rack of ribs with the pork belly left on. Some call them bacon ribs.

– Folks in Plano will have to wait a while longer for Lockhart Smokehouse to open downtown:


– Tim McLaughlin of Dallas’s Lockhart Smokehouse talks beef ribs.

– If you’re curious about what Foodways Texas does, this article in Edible DFW should fill you in nicely.

– It was after midnight the Friday after Thanksgiving. The football games were over, and chef Tim Love came on the screen in an infomercial for an indoor electric grill called the OptiGrill:

OptiGrill Show | V1| 5 pay $35.99 | 28:30 | Master from Envision Response Reel on Vimeo.


Nutter Buster BBQ is featured in this article about food safety in Austin food trucks.

– GQ Magazine releases their Austin City Guide. Surprise, they suggest Franklin Barbecue.

– Finally, a rib cake:


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