Jimmy Kimmel Loves Austin

by Daniel Vaughn · March 17, 2014
Kimmel Opening

Kimmel opening with slightly hidden BARBEQUE sign

Jimmy Kimmel came to Austin for SXSW and he gave Austin’s food scene a week’s worth of boosterism in front of a national television audience. Not only was there significant name dropping of all restaurant types, but barbecue was mentioned in every episode. The opening credits even used an adaptation of the sign from The County Line Bar-B-Q for Cleto and the Cletones and the set was designed with reproductions of neon signs around town. One very large one simply read “BAR-B-QUE.”

Cletones Sign

The repurposed County Line sign



Kimmel began the opening monologue for the week with shouts out to Hopdoddy, Home Slice and Magnolia Café.

His first guest, Seth Rogen, was asked about the best thing he’d eaten in Austin. “The barbecue you had backstage was unbelievable.” Kimmel confirmed it was from la Barbecue. “I literally dug into the brisket with my hands.” Rogen then explained how he used the plastic wrap that once covered the barbecue to block the smoke alarm in the green room.


Kimmel equated his consumption of queso is Fonda San Miguel to the way Winne Pooh consumes honey. There was then a full segment dedicated to barbecue in Austin. The idea was to find out which of Austin’s barbecue joints is the finest. They started at Franklin Barbecue before moving on to Micklethwait Craft Meats, John Mueller Meat Co., and la Barbecue. The segment ended with Kimmel proposing to them all (with a rib bone, of course), and all accepted. John Mueller wanted to be sure that Jimmy didn’t ask all of the others too. “I’ll stab you in the heart if you did,” was Mueller’s closing threat.

It should also be noted that the “BAR-B-QUE” neon sign was given a more prominent location on stage. It remained in that position for the remainder of the week.


New BARBEQUE sign location



Kimmel had some confessions about his weight and a tight fitting suit. “I stand before you half man, half brisket,” adding “you know you’ve been in Austin too long when you start finding random rib bones in your pocket.” Then, he and Robert Duvall shared stories about their meals at Black’s BBQ in Lockhart.

Cousin Sal then played some pranks at Kebabilicious:



Lady Gaga talked about her meal at The Salt Lick while Jimmy joked that her outfit made from coffee filters wouldn’t be the greatest choice for eating barbecue.


Gaga dress

Lady Gaga and the coffee filter dress

Jimmy also went to eat some barbecue and fried chicken earlier that day:



Kimmel shared with the crowd that he was sad to leave. He might have cried except “my tear ducts are clogged with queso.” In an ode to Austin and what he has learned from the city, Kimmel quipped “I learned that pickles are served with ribs so you feel like you’ve eaten something green.” Amen.

Austin Restaurant Mentions for the Week on Kimmel:
Jimmy Kimmel: Hopdoddy, Home Slice Pizza, Magnolia Café, Fonda San Miguel, la Barbecue, Franklin Barbecue, Micklethwait Craft Meats, John Mueller Meat Company, Black’s BBQ, Hole in The Wall
Rosario Dawson: Guero’s, Moonshine, and Uchi
Guillermo: Whataburger
Cousin Sal: Kebabilicious
Robert Duvall: Black’s BBQ
Lady Gaga: Stubb’s BBQ and The Salt Lick
Darby Stanton: The Salt Lick


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