Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

301 Stockyards Blvd
Fort Worth, TX

Phone: 817-626-6464
Hours: Open Sun-€“Thur 11-€“8:30, Fri & Sat 11-€“9:30
Twitter: @CoopersBarBQue

TMBBQ Rating: 2.5


April 24, 2012

This was my third, and best visit to the newest Cooper’s near the Fort Worth Stockyards. This is the newest in the Wootan empire, and it pays to get here early as well. Even at 11:00 the ‘Big Chop’ was starting to lose some of those juices. Fatty brisket edges which I usually relish for their richness can hardly be enjoyed here given the massive amount of salty rub applied. Pork ribs had a bit…