Jake’s Bar-B-Que

1005 Co Rd 425
Dime Box, TX 77853

Phone: 972-884-3009
Hours: Sun 8:30 - 12 (or sold out)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jakes-Bar-B-Que-155240421180332/

Opened 2016
Pitmaster Jacob and Marlena Beran
Method mesquite charcoal in a direct heat cooker


January 13, 2017

Jacob and Marlena Beran wanted out of Barefootz corner store, and Greg “Barefoot” Tarnowski was happy to see them go. So the Berans opened up shop two blocks away, and Barefoot fired up a pit of his own. Thus, on a dead end road in Dime Box, a Sunday morning barbecue rivalry was born. Dime Box is a tiny unincorporated town of about 300, just south of Old Dime Box. In 1912, Southern Pacific built a…