Local Yocal Backyard

13391 Custer Rd.
McKinney, TX 75070

Hours: Thur-Sun 11-8 or sold out
Facebook: www.facebook.com/localyocalfarmtomarket/

Opened 2016
Pitmaster Pete Gonzales and Bryan Shanahan
Method Hickory and pecan in a wood-fired rotisserie

TMBBQ Rating: 3.75


November 15, 2016

McKinney now has a barbecue truck, but it wasn’t an easy path. The suburb north of Dallas took so long to allow food trucks (they were illegal per city ordinance until last year) that the mobile food bandwagon was gone before the city had the chance to hop on. Restrictions like minimum distances between food trucks and restaurants (300 feet), and even other food trucks (1,000 feet) are still in place, which is why you might find them…