Mudd’s Good Eatin’

208 W McCart St.
Krum, TX 76249

Phone: (940) 482-3374
Hours: M 11-sold out, Thur-Sat 5-sold out

Opened 2105
Pitmaster Chad Mudd
Method Pecan in a gas-fired cabinet smoker

TMBBQ Rating: 3.75


July 27, 2015

Chad Mudd came back to Krum to open a family-style home cooking restaurant. Then, a barbecue joint happened. It started this January when he reopened in the same space his previous restaurant occupied in the downtown strip of Krum some fifteen years ago. It started off as all chicken fried steak, chops, and fried chicken, but he wanted to play with his smoker on Mondays. Now, if Mudd’s is open, they’ve got barbecue, and it’s…