Old 300 BBQ

318 4th St
Blanco, Texas 78606

Phone: (830) 833-1227
Hours: M-Sat 11-8, Sun 11-3
Website: old300bbq.com
Twitter: @Old300BBQ
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Old300BBQ/

Opened 2013
Pitmaster Ladd Pepper
Method Live oak in a gas-fired rotisserie

TMBBQ Rating: 3.5


April 22, 2016

Even if the 300 migrants first given land grants in Texas didn’t make it to Blanco, Old 300 BBQ is still a good lesson in Texas history. The Hill Country joint is dubbed in honor of those original settlers; their names adorn the walls and modified Texas battle flags are etched into the concrete floor (“Come and Eat it”). The restaurant’s name lets you know to expect classic Texas barbecue, and that’s exactly what they deliver. If you came for brisket,…