1703 Shepherd Dr.
Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713) 227-2283
Hours: M-Sat 11-8
Website: pizzitolas.com
Twitter: @PizzitolasBBQ
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pizzitolasbbq

Opened 1935
Pitmaster Jerry Pizzitola
Method Hickory in indirect-heat brick pits

TMBBQ Rating: 3.5


September 11, 2015

Legends in the barbecue world perpetuate themselves. Keeping your doors open for decades takes hard work, loyal customers, and a little luck, and it doesn’t happen that often. In return, such barbecue joints are worshiped for their longevity, and rightly so. It’s a huge benefit, but it also comes with some disadvantages. Unlike upstarts who can charge more, tailor a menu for today’s tastes, and have no past to answer to, storied barbecue joints carry…

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