Red Wagon BBQ

169 Halbert Ln
Waco, TX 76705

Phone: (254) 829-2277
Hours: F 11-4, Sat 11-6

Opened 2014
Pitmaster Joe Slack
Method Oak in steel offset smokers

TMBBQ Rating: 3.25


July 19, 2016

Just north of Waco, out on Gholson Road, you’ll find the Red Wagon BBQ trailer. It sits at the back of a gravel lot in between Brazos Valley Cheese and the Homestead General Store at the entrance of Homestead Heritage. Homestead Heritage describes itself as “an agrarian and craft-based intentional Christian community.” As a member of the group, Joe Slack lives on the property and serves as the pitmaster to Red Wagon BBQ. Slack sat down with me…