Thorndale Meat Market

300 W Us Highway 79
Thorndale, TX 76577

Phone: (512) 898-5387
Hours: M-Sat 11-6 (market opens at 7:00), Sun 10:30-3:30

Opened 2011
Pitmaster Trey Felton
Method Oak in an offset smoker

TMBBQ Rating: 3.5


December 11, 2015

Central Texas was once known for its meat market-style barbecue joints, i.e. meat markets that had a barbecue business on the side. Many of those places are gone, or they have converted into barbecue-only businesses. A few holdouts remain, including one shining example: the Thorndale Meat Market. About an hour northeast of Austin, out on Texas Highway 79, the tiny town of Thorndale is like many small towns in Texas. A few residential neighborhoods, a couple of gas stations, a…

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