Longoria’s BBQ

100 Christopher Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76140

Phone: 817-568-9494
Hours: Mon-€“Fri 10:30-€“6, Sat 10:30-€“4
Website: www.longoriasbbq.com/
Twitter: @LongoriasBBQ1

Opened 1995
Pitmaster David Longoria (since 2002)
Method Post oak and a little pecan; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip The beef jerky–made with brisket and cured in the pit–is an excellent gift, if you don't eat it all on your way home.

TMBBQ Rating: 4

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50

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May 15, 2013

In 1975 a Bell Helicopter employee named Fidencio “Fred” Longoria began making his own sausage in his kitchen at home. He wanted to create links as good as those he remembered eating in Gonzales as a child. In 1990, after years of tinkering, he finally solidified his recipe for sausage made of coarsely ground brisket that’s smoked for hours over oak. With that recipe as his secret weapon, he opened Longoria’s. It’s no wonder Fred’s son…


June 22, 2009

After sampling some Longoria’s chopped beef and delectable brisket sausage at the Rahr Brewery tour, I knew I needed to get back soon. Besides, I was already out of the beef jerky that I picked up at the tour which is the best I’ve ever tasted (in addition to being a BBQ connoisseur, I’m also a jerky fanatic . . . bacon freak too). After a quick stop at Hickory Stick down the street, my sister and I headed over to Longoria’s.

Feeling our oats, we opted for a three meat plate of sliced brisket, St. Louis-style ribs, and their famous brisket sausage. Also on the plate were unremarkable green beans and over-sweet potato salad. This being our fourth stop of the day, the sides were just unnecessary distractions anyway. Besides, with meat of this quality staring you in the face, we were firmly focused on the protein.

Tales of the all brisket sausage are told far and wide across the Metroplex, and it did not disappoint on this date. The coarse grind of the brisket held little filler and copious amounts of smoke. The lean sausage was bursting with beefy flavor surrounded by a casing with average snap. It was hard to stop popping those slices, but the other meats were getting jealous. A generous salty rub on the ribs still allowed a deep black crust to form. The tender meat beneath mixed with the well-rendered fat to create a deeply smoky rib. The brisket slices were a bit more dry with less smoke, but these lean slices had a good crust and smoke line with a line of nicely rendered fat at the base of each slice. The only thing this meal was missing was a jerky chaser, which we managed to down on the way back home despite our distended midsections. It may be a haul from Dallas, and even downtown Ft. Worth, but Longoria’s is definitely worth the trip.

(This review originally appeared on Full Custom Gospel BBQ.)


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    Andrew says:

    If you love jerky, I highly recommend the Maui jerky from Celestino’s in Costa Mesa, California.


    They have 8 or so flavors of jerky and if you order via phone, ask for Dennis. He’ll send you samples of all the flavors if you place an order.

    Great butchers.

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