Smoked in Texas

Smoked in Texas: Nolan Ryan Brisket Sausage

by Daniel Vaughn · October 14, 2013

The sausage section at our local Kroger is well-stocked with dozens of sausages. Several weeks back my wife brought home a gift of the latest option: Nolan Ryan Beef Brisket Sausage. It was introduced to Kroger shelves back in July, and as Nolan Ryan Beef CEO Charlie Bradbury noted “We believe this is the first brisket sausage developed by a company and sold in mass retail.” In fact, I only know of two barbecue joints in Texas that offer an all-brisket sausage, and those are Longoria’s BBQ in Everman or Swick’s Bar-B-Que in Groesbeck. Plenty of others sell one of Slovacek’s many sausages from Snook, Texas, and that’s the facility where this Nolan Ryan sausage is made.

Nolan Ryan Brisket Sausage label


From the label it was obvious that it was all brisket. There is no pork or other protein in the mix. I didn’t expect to see barbecue sauce as the third ingredient, but it was time to eat. It can’t really compare to the homemade brisket sausages you can find at Longoria’s or Swick’s, but that’s a lot to ask from a pre-cooked grocery store sausage. The casing had a great snap to it, and it was a nice juicy sausage. The black pepper was prominent as was the sweetness of the barbecue sauce. It was certainly beefy, but as finely ground as it was I can’t say I recognized any brisket-specific flavor or texture.

Nolan Ryan brisket sausage

Currently it is only available at Kroger stores in Texas and Louisiana, or you can order three rings for $29 on the Nolan Ryan website. Maybe Ryan will include a recipe in his upcoming barbecue cookbook when it’s released next May. Until then, this brisket sausage is a fine option when measured against the other grocery store options alongside it.



    Evan Beattie says:

    Found the Nolan Ryan Brisket Sausage in my friendly neighborhood Kroger this week as well! Any grilling tips for a brisket sausage Daniel?

    Hans says:

    Meat to pork ratios pls

    HF says:

    Unfortunately i didn’t care for it. Tough and greasy with a rubbery texture and taste. I prefer Holmes smoked sausage.

    danny says:

    thanks again its nice to know we were the and only smoked brisket sausage.whats next longorias brisket burgers and brisket jerkey. theres only one place to buy the best brisket sausage hbs and jerkey. unless we open one in Dallas.stay tuned

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