Smoked in Texas

Smoked in Texas: Smoked Corn at Kerlin BBQ

by Daniel Vaughn · September 12, 2016

Kerlin BBQ in Austin has been known for their ribs and brisket since opening in 2013, but Bill and Amelis Kerlin really made a splash with their smoked-meat kolaches. Those have been so much of a hit that soon  they’ll have a dedicated kolache truck. I must admit that the savory pastries had become a bit of a distraction for me during my last several visits here, but I recently stopped in for lunch and found one of the best barbecue sides I’d had in a while.

Kerlin Corn 03

So what could steal my attention away from smoked-meat kolaches? Smoked corn-on-the-cob. Bill Kerlin shucks fresh ears of corn and puts them right in the smoker. After the ears have gotten some good smoke, he wraps them in foil to finish the cooking process. The whole cook time is three hours. That’s some low-and-slow corn.

Kerlin Corn 02

When it’s time to serve, a whole cob is topped with in-house smoked chipotle butter, queso fresco, and spicy seasoning. A generous squeeze from a wedge of lime is the vibrant finishing touch to the juicy kernels, which have just a hint of smoke. And at $2.50 per ear, the same price for all their sides, it’s a great deal—but it won’t last much longer. “We only do it in the summer time, until fresh corn gets too expensive,” Kerlin explained. It should remain on the menu for about another month, so get an earful before the season’s over.

Kerlin BBQ
1700 E Cesar Chavez St.
Austin, TX 78702



    Brenda Williams says:

    Kolaches DO NOT have meat!!!!! You arent calling it a donut or cupcake because they aren’t. They are not kolached either!!!

    Steve Bodiford says:

    As long as I can remember, “Kolaches” have had meat! Yes you can get them with sweet ingredients also, but any good Kolache joint worth their salt, has meat filled Kolaches! That’s the way it’s done in TEXAS anyway!! A klobasnek /ˌkloʊˈbæsnɪk/, pl. klobasniky, is a savory finger food of Czech origin.[1][2][3] A klobasnek is often thought to be a variation of the kolach (koláče); however, most Czechs hold the distinction that kolache are only filled with non-meat fillings. Unlike kolache, which came to the United States with Czech immigrants, klobasniky were first made by Czechs that settled in Texas.[4] Kolache is much easier to pronounce, remember we are just stupid Americans… Why is this an issue for you anyway?

    jennifer says:

    Kerlin Kolaches are the best… Dont be a hater BRENDA WILLIAMS just because theirs have meat… after all we are in TEXAS… Just give a credit to those folk that had the unique idea to put it together. For real best KOLACHES ever.

    d says:

    Relax Brenda, in Texas kolaches DO have meat. As a matter of fact, I’ve never eaten one that didn’t have meat. Mmm, mmm, I’ll take a sausage, jalapeno, and cheese, now please.

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