BBQ Anatomy 101: Smoked Spinalis

I can’t get enough of brisket, and I’ll look for any excuse to eat a ribeye steak, but the best cut of beef is the spinalis. It’s the portion of the ribeye that any steak connoisseur savors first. Also known as the ribeye cap, this cut lays like a thick blanket around the outer edge of the ribeye (upper right in the photo below). It’s more tender than the rest of the ribeye, and generously marbled….

Tim Rattray’s Spinalis

San Antonio chef Tim Rattray visited Dallas last week to be the guest chef at Knife for one in a series of special collaboration dinners benefiting RED*. Throughout the week, Knife’s chef John Tesar invited five chefs including Aaron Franklin of Austin’s Franklin Barbecue and Rattray from the Granary which is known for their boundary-pushing barbecue menu featuring items like brisket ramen and smoked shoulder clod with quinoa. Some of Rattray’s courses in Dallas were pretty straightforward…