Tyler’s Barbeque

2014 Paramount
Amarillo, TX 79109

Phone: 806-331-2271
Hours: Tue-€“Sat 11-€“8
Website: tylersbarbeque.com/
Twitter: @tylersbarbeque
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tylersbarbeque

Opened 2010
Pitmaster Tyler Frazer
Method Mesquite; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip The green-chile-and-grilled-onion mac and cheese is served only on Thursdays.

TMBBQ Rating: 4

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50

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June 12, 2012

I have a GUEST REVIEWER from the Lubbock area. I met Marshall Scott over a plate of brisket at Pecan Lodge. He’s been searching all over the Panhandle and West Texas for decent smoked meats with little success until landing on Tyler’s in Amarillo. I asked if he’d write a review for the blog since I missed it on my trip up that way, so here it is. Located on I-40 down the road from…


May 14, 2013

Our first visit to Tyler’s Barbeque was a failure. The staff was friendly and the food was great, particularly the tender brisket with its peppery crust and subtle smoke ring, but we arrived too late to try the pork ribs, whose praises were being sung all over the High Plains. So we did what any true barbecue connoisseur would do: after consoling ourselves with the sausage (four kinds!) and drowning our sorrows in some tasty homemade beans, we resolved to come back early the next day. This turned out to be a wise decision. The ribs had a firm, toothsome crust, with a smoky flavor. They were fine without sauce, but a dab of the sweet, black-pepper-dotted concoction from the giant dispensary near the pickles helped give them a little kick (with a satisfyingly slow burn). You can be forgiven if you haven’t heard of this spot. Amarillo native Tyler Frazer opened it in May 2010, in an old Long John Silver’s just south of Interstate 40, and in just three years, he’s singlehandedly upgraded the reputation of Panhandle barbecue. Poke around the kitchen all you want, but you won’t find a microwave or a gas cooker or even a freezer, because everything is done from scratch. This is a guy who knows his stuff. He cooks on mesquite that he has brought in from Hall County, about one hundred miles away, because the soil is sandier and grows trees instead of scrub brush. There is, however, one modern convenience that Frazer embraces: follow him on Twitter @tylersbarbeque to know when items run out, and you’ll avoid the failure of our first visit.


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    Kenney Slatten says:

    All the way back to the 70’s, I can’t remember a BBQ place in Amarillo that does brisket as well as Tylers. Sutfens was once ok (70’s).The closest thing to it was Dougs BBQ in the 70’s-80’s but he is gone and someone has ruined the place now. Dyers is standard cafeteria fair and Henke’s has long gone lost its luster. But none of them matched Tyler’s touch on brisket.
    Tylers BBQ brisket is always fall apart moist and never dried out like most. Ribs and sausage good too, but that is not the measure of a good BBQ place in TX. This place represents central TX BBQ and mesquite or pecan make the finest smoked meats. Keep up what your doing buddy, Don’t change!

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