Wayne Mueller, Barbecue Missionary

by Daniel Vaughn · May 11, 2015

Wayne Mueller is going around the world on a Texas barbecue missionary tour. In a month’s time he’ll travel from Taylor, Texas to Japan, Europe, and back to the good old U.S. of A. In that time Mueller will cover about 25,000 air miles, and he’ll smoke a whole mess of beef ribs. He’s certain to make some converts along the way, so expect to see a few Asian and European tourists traveling around Central Texas barbecue joints this fall.

It all begins in mid-May when he leaves Taylor for the Northeast. Mueller provided his complete itinerary, which looks to be grueling.

5/17 – 5/20:  Philadelphia

An ‘Eats Retreat’ is being held just south of Philly. It brings together forty culinary visionaries from across the country to exchange ideas, share information and techniques, and expand the influence of regional cuisines nationally

5/20 – 5/29:  Japan

Mueller will take a five city tour starting in Tokyo as an official culinary diplomat. The State Department created the program in 2012 in association with the James Beard Foundation to promote food tourism to America. (Tim Byres of Smoke in Dallas was part of the program when he traveled to Kyrgyzstan last year). Mueller will be cooking with Craig White who trained at Louie Mueller Barbecue before opening White Smoke in Tokyo.

5/29 – 6/1:  London

Mueller will accept an award from Chowtzer for his famous beef ribs.

6/1 – 6/3:  Milan

The World’s Fair is being held in Milan, and Mueller will perform cooking demonstrations in the USA Pavilion and is serving barbecue to Expo attendees.

6/3 – 6/4:  Paris

Thomas Abramowicz trained with Wayne Mueller before going back to his home in Paris and opening a Texas style barbecue restaurant, The Beast. They’ll collaborate on an even at the restaurant.

6/7 – 6/15: New York City

The Big Apple BBQ Block Party has invited a new Texas representative in Louie Mueller Barbecue. Wayne will cook and serve beef ribs to the 120,ooo attendees of the event surrounding Madison Square Park in Manhattan.

After this whirlwind tour, that literally goes around the world, he’ll happily get back home to Taylor and back to Louie Mueller Barbecue. I had to ask him how uncomfortable it will be to leave the restaurant for month. “I’ve never been away so long,” but he’s not frantic. “I have a capable team in place and capable managers who know the expectations. It’ll be in good hands.”



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