Whup’s Boomerang Bar-B-Que

1203 Bennett
Marlin, TX 76661

Phone: 254-883-5770
Hours: Thur-€“Sat 10-€“8

Opened 2000
Pitmaster Bennie Washington
Method Mesquite, post oak, and a little pecan; indirect-heat pit
Pro Tip Whup was the owner's father.

TMBBQ Rating: 4

Texas Monthly BBQ Top 50

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February 1, 2012

This is a tiny joint in a small town with a compact patio and a tight parking situation. I was momentarily trapped between another car and a sleeping dog in the narrow drive that leads past the smoker to the gravel road behind the joint. Orders are taken at a window on the patio that has just a couple of tables. Traffic in and out of the driveway is brisk given that most of the…

May 21, 2008

No, this is not some newfangled, Aussie-inspired, Marlin-born culinary calamity. Have no fear, smoked kangaroo is not a featured menu item. “Boomerang,” in this instance, is meant to indicate that you’ll be so satisfied you’ll come back. Turns out there’s truth in advertising. Whup’s is tidy and small, but there is no indoor seating, so enjoy the mesquite-and-post-oak-smoked offerings at one of the three tables under the awning out front, or get it to go.


May 16, 2013

You’ll smell Whup’s long before you see it, and despite signage and GPS, you’ll probably miss the left turn that you have to make from Business State Highway 6. This cozy joint is not so much off the beaten the path as on it: a small, tidy house on a potholed dogleg road that’s dotted with condemned, deteriorating shacks. Not so the home of Bennie Washington’s sister, which is next door to his restaurant and accounts for its location here. Washington started smoking meat in his backyard in the mid-seventies and had a short-lived joint in the nineties. He built this place in 1999. The smoker is around the side, but you can still see all the wood piled up near the basketball hoop. Seating is outdoors and limited (three tables); after parking on the curbless, precipitously trenched side of the road, we joined a group of good ol’ boys who had already ordered. While we waited, two different women pulled into the driveway to pick up their family’s takeout orders. It’s not easy to make the top fifty when brisket is the third-best option, but Whup’s is still smoking beef better than anyone in nearby Waco, and its other options shine. Ribs are the star, even when not perfectly prepared—the meat came off the bone too easily, almost to the point of being “pulled,” but the outer crust still had integrity, and the flavor was spectacular (Washington seasons the meat when it’s about 65 percent cooked). There’s also snappy, heavy-cased, tasty pork-and-beef sausage from Eckermann’s, as well as a decent hot link (with less of the crayon color that you get from most commercial red hots). Like most every joint in the general vicinity of Waco, Whup’s does a version of the Vitek’s “Gut Pak” (here it’s called the “Beandito”). We’re not sure if concocting one of those extreme Frito pies with the best possible smoked meat is an upgrade or beside the point, but hey, when in Baylor country, do as the Bears do.



    Alvin Dixson says:

    Whup’s BBQ is some of the best in Texas!!

    Steve Swinnea says:

    And Ben is one of the nicest guys I know.

    Stephanie Smith says:

    I know your sister Christine we work together. Me and my husband have ate there and it’s the best. With God bless to continue to serve the best baroque in Marlan.

    Jo Carter says:

    Whups has the best Barbeque in Central Texas. We drive from Killeen to Marlin for Barbeque.

    Ericka Hinton says:

    Whups BBQ is so decious… I have driven from Denison TX to eat there! Tender ribs and sausage with the right “snap”… great job, Ben!

    Jeffery Harris says:

    Best I ever had. Good people and great food.

    Joni says:

    Went to wumps today and lord let me tell ya that chopped beef was the truth. And the damn ribs were good to first time there. From waco..I’ll be back again..thanks yall.

    Morris Watson Jr says:

    Down home, great service, great BBQ and a must whenever I’m In town. Whups is a must and worth the wait. Salute!

    Connie says:

    I have eaten there before. The food has great flavor and the price is right. All my family loves it. We will continue to eat there hopefully for many years to come. They have a business to be proud of. Way to go Whups!!

    So glad I live in Marlin. Call my order in for a slab of ribs, pound of brisket and pound of sausage. Picnics, Memorial Day Weekend and sharing with friends down Houston way starts with Whups.

    Susan says:

    Best barbecue around and the owners are the nicest. Wish we had more places and people around like this. Love it!!!!

    Natasha Murphy - MEXIA tx says:

    The bake potatoes are awesome!!! No place like Whups can beat it or taste..
    I’m not from Marlin but when I do I go get the famous Bake Potatoe!!!

    Regina and Garry Wornat says:

    Mr Washington and his family are the best, we have to get our sandwiches/plates there every weekend. He always wants you to let him know how everything is, he strives to know his BBQ is at its best. We have went to several places through the years but Whups is always our favorite place.

    Rachel says:

    We stumbled on this jewel when we were in town for a family reunion some years ago. We picked up some takeout to take to her family reunion. We always try to make this stop there when we are in the area now. My uncle has already put it in his final wishes to have Whups Boomerang barbecue served at his funeral in Perry, Texas. We will also be serving it at our family reunion this summer!! We love Whups!!

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